停止硫酸攻击(SAA)是印度的一个抵制向妇女泼硫酸,并令其毁容的运动。它在受害者与社会之间架起了一座桥梁,因为大部分受害者遭袭后都将自己封闭起来,不与外界接触。由于政府和公民社会对此视而不见,大多数幸存者看不到任何生活的希望。SAA的目标是研究并追查硫酸攻击,并收集反应受害者生活现状的信息。这项运动的其中一个成就就是在泰姬陵所在地Agra创办一家名为“女英雄出来玩”(Sheroes‘ Hangout)的咖啡馆。这家咖啡馆的经营者都是硫酸攻击的受害者,咖啡馆给了她们在经济上和社会上独立的机会。






Ramy Raoof

Ramy Raoof是一名关注数字化权利和安全的研究者。在众多课题中,他的研究焦点在于跟踪监视技术,政府的监视手段以及抵制监控的方法。




GMB Akash

来自孟加拉国的摄影师GMB Akash将摄影作为自己和世界沟通的语言。他的照片讲述了默默无闻者的生活,把他们推向舞台的前沿。他在Instagram发表的几乎每一张照片背后都有一个故事。





„Vahid在线“的目标是,让伊朗民众能够浏览到未经审查过滤的新闻和信息。在过去的几年中,它已经活跃于不同的社交媒体网络平台,现在更是在即时信息服务软件Telegram上开设了自己的频道。 伊朗当局到目前为止没有屏蔽这个平台。„Vahid在线“通过它向的订阅者们传播重要的信息。订阅人群包括记者和所有那些对伊朗的政治和社会现象新闻讯息感兴趣的人们。



Za2eed18 is an Egyptian portal that takes a brave, critical look at the topics interesting young people in Egypt as well as other Arab countries.


German Probashe

German Probashe is a website for Bengali students living in Germany. It provides information and helps them integrate into German society. Thanks to this website, newcomers from Bangladesh find support from Bengali expats who have been residing in Germany for years.





Open Migration

This online project has two main aims: first, to use research and data to challenge misinformation about the many people currently fleeing their homes in search of refuge and, second, to promote and protect migrants’ rights. Open Migration achieves both these goals with its infographics, commentary, news reporting, feature stories and analysis.


Rythmes d’Afrique

“Rythmes d’Afrique, Racines – RAR,” or African Rythem, Roots, shows Africa’s cultural diversity with reports about theater, music, street art and literature, to name a few topics. Orphelie Thalmas, who was named Ivory Coast’s best blogger in 2014, started the platform three years ago, and the platform now also publishes correspondents reports and op-eds.



#YouGeHa is a campaign of German YouTubers with a large fanbase who create videos against racism and prejudice. Together they reached out to millions of their viewers and called for people to take a stand against racism in all aspects of our lives.



Chaupal provides a platform for discussion of various issues, including democracy, arts and culture and science and the environment. It aims to build a parallel structure to the mainstream media, which, Chaupal complaints, is mostly biased. The website works on a non-profit basis and is structured like a news portal, but people from around the country contribute most of the content. Chaupal aims to reach out people in the farther districts and villages in India.



Qureta is an effort to cultivate the literary tradition in Indonesia. In response to the growth of websites promoting intolerance and ignorance, Qureta seeks to be an oasis of thought.


Kabul Taxi

Kabul Taxi is considered Afghanistan’s first satirical Facebook page. The creators have been pushing boundaries by criticizing politicians and highlighting social problems in Afghanistan, including widespread corruption. The popular page has created a platform for Afghans to raise their voices against the problems in their society and express their dissatisfaction over issues affecting their lives, including nepotism, corruption, and insecurity. The page has irritated Afghan authorities who had reportedly summoned several journalists they believed were running the page.


Amazonia Real

The Amazon rainforest makes up half of Brazil, but there is little news about the region in the Brazilian press, which concentrates in São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro. Amazonia Real is an excellent source of information about the Amazon - its politics, economy, environment and indigenous peoples.



At "Antijournalist" (Belarus), the blogger and media analyst from Belarus Viktor Malishevskiy describes and dryly comments on official statistics published by official state media. A typical example: "Since the presidential election (December 2010) the average salary of a Belorussian citizen rose from 1,595,900 to 6,536,100 rubles - or from 531 dollars to 450 dollars."


Asociación Animalista Libera

Libera is an association to protect animal rights that has been working for many years in Barcelona. The group’s campaigns inform and create awareness about the conditions and lives of animals. It’s an important topic in Spain, a country with many traditions that use animals as objects.



A civic initiative to list all sites banned in Turkey. An ongoing project since 2008, the site is updated and funded by visitors.


The Price of the State

"We'll explain the budget so you'll finally understand where your taxes have gone and so you can have an impact," that’s how the experts at this project explain their goal. "The Price of the State" provides easily understandable answers to complicated questions as well as two interactive "calculators." The first one is called "the bill from the state" and shows what taxes people pay from their income. The second is called "pension calculator" and shows the state of the future Ukrainian pension system according to current law. "The Price of the State" is run by the Eastern Europe Fund and the CASE-Ukraine NGO with financial support of the European Union.