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Enda Nasution

Dubbed the “Father of Indonesian Bloggers,” Enda is the first Indonesian contributor to Global Voices. He was also a delegate to the Asia 21 Young Leader Summit (2006) in Seoul, South Korea. He chaired the first Pesta Blogger in 2007, Indonesia’s annual blogger conference and remains a member of the conference steering committee. He’s also a TED Fellow for TEDIndia Dec 2009.
Blogging since 2001 Enda now works to get more Indonesian young people to actively share, express, exchange ideas as a way to built the nation’s self-confidence, an underlying problem to the country. With 10 years of creative and online experience in Indonesia and in the region, he combined his creative talent and technical strength to found an online political discussion website as a part of an on progs web platform startup that he build, He also consults, helps and encourages corporations and organizations to use social media effectively to communicate to their growing audiences. Blog: Enda Nasution’s Weblog