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What the jury wants to see

During one of The Bobs’ jury conferences, a jury member heard about an initiative in a language he couldn’t understand but still reached to the immediate conclusion, “That’s amazing. It’s got my vote. That’s exactly what we need in my country!”

That (true) story sums up what The Bobs are about: Finding out about something being done – sometimes far away and in a different language – that would be perfect for the place you live.

And, in a nutshell, that’s what the criteria are for selecting the winners. There are, of course, other aspects that come into play, but it’s the international, multilingual nature of The Bobs and its international jury that set it apart from other blog and online awards and the winners will all have aspects that translate well to other cultures and across language barriers.

Depending on the category, some factors will be given more weight than others. Content, added value, design and functionality will all come under discussion during the judging process.

Here are the bullet points the jury will use in making their evaluations:


  • The idea behind the blog, project or initiative and its implementation
  • Relevance to society at large
  • Audience-appropriate tone
  • Language style
  • Ongoing engagement with topics and users
  • Transparency and authenticity


  • Visual originality and skill at taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet


  • Site’s novelty / uniqueness


Jury members decide

This is clearly not a comprehensive list of what jury member may take into account. The online world is constantly changing and developing. It’s up to The Bobs jury panel to use these points as guidelines and the basis for their evaluations, but it’s up to the jury member to make the final decision which nominee deserves the title “Best of” in its category.

Jury members will consider: whether projects are impressive or innovative enough to have an influence beyond the language(s) they have been created in, whether the people behind a site or project are in a dangerous – or even life-threatening – position and whether international recognition would help or hurt them and their work.

Sites with racist, pornographic, sexist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, discriminating or insulting content will not be allowed in the contest. Religious fundamentalism, hate speech, political extremism, and calls for violence will not be permitted to take part in the contest.

People’s Choice Awards criteria

The winners of the People’s Choice Awards will be determined by votes cast online for each of the finalists in each category. The blog, project or initiative with the most votes wins. One People’s Choice Award per category will be awarded.