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خالد صافي

Khaled Safi is a Palestinian blogger and Web designer living in Gaza. He blogs about Palestine as well as social media, marketing, and Internet privacy.


سيرة لاجيء

Syret Lagee’s author is a Palestinian engineering student living in Cairo. His posts touch the various issues in different Arab countries whether it is the Egyptian revolution, the situation in Palestine or Lebanese issues. His writing is very good and often touches on freedom and human rights.



Maglouba is a political blog that discusses subjects in different Arab countries in a pleasant yet humorous way. There author is a Palestinian who seems to be splitting time between Palestine and the UK. The blog’s design is above average and clean. More frequent posts would help push Maglouba from very, very good to great.



The author lives in Lebanon and covers a diverse range of subjects related to several countries including Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Readership is diverse and the blog is updated nearly every week.


حلم أخضر

The best thing about Holm Akhdar is that it challenges existing stereotypes about Saudi Arabia and discusses issues related to poverty and minority rights in the kingdom.



7iber writes that it “provides original, creative and interesting content, seeking to better inform our audience of  untapped Jordanian issues as well as providing local perspectives and firsthand accounts of news, politics, arts and culture.” The site’s coverage of the cultural matters is distinctive and it also includes calendars of events taking place in Jordan. Topics up for discussion include theater, the environment, as well as photos and videos from Jordan. 7iber also hosts debates offline to discuss political, cultural and social issues.



The blogger writes about issues in several Arab countries. His posts are of medium to short length and very frequent. The blog’s design is clean and he even advocates against cluttering blogs with advertisements.


أمواج أسبانية في فرات الشام

The main author of this blog is a Syrian living in Spain, he normally writes about events taking place in the Arab world with a special focus on Syria – especially with the ongoing revolution there. Posts are short but of high quality, and the blog’s design is clean and articles are easily found.


مدونة فؤاد

Fouad describes himself as a Moroccan Tamazight. He mainly discusses social and political matters in his posts and advocates for using Arabic in blogging in a country where many bloggers write in French. The blog is updated about three times per month and the design is very good and integrated with his presence on social networks as well as his personal podcast.



The author of the blog writes mainly about freedom of expression and how citizen journalist can use technology to maintain their privacy online. The posts quality is high, the blog is frequently updated and its design is clean and content is easily accessible.


مدونة خالد

Khaled is a Moroccan blogger who writes about a variety issues from politics to sports to social matters. The blog’s design is excellent.