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Blog Dokter

Put simply, he doctor writing Blog Dokter has been infected by blogs. He writes about everything surrounding health and health issues. Readers can call him on Skype to discuss their health problems and get his recommendations for treatment.



A compilation of articles, videos, graphic design and ideas the Motzter team thinks are creative and interesting.


Lagu Anak Indonesia

A collection of children’s songs. Lagu Anak Indonesie was founded after its creator realized how few children’s songs were being written.



RetakanKata is an alternative media course for art and culture and tries to draw the public’s attention to problems in Indonesian culture and get people to talk about issues they would rather ignore.



Nofie Iman is an instructor at an economic school in Jakarta. He uses his blog to help spread his knowledge of the economy and finance beyond the classroom to anyone willing to read his posts.


Padepokan Budi Rahardjo

The author of Padepokan Budi Rahardjo sees his blog as an alternative media for his writing. He informs readers about technology, Internet security, music, books, education and anything else he might come across and think is interesting.


Orange Float

The author of Orange Float writes about her daily life, the world she lives in and her dreams. To her, the blog is a means of learning to write and express her thoughts.


Catatan Sawali Tuhusetya

This blog is a collection of notes the author keeps on education language, literature, culture, civilization and society.



Jombloku gives its author the opportunity to express all the things should would not otherwise be able to talk about. By using this blog, the author gets to share the details of her life with others.



Medianers is a blog written by a nurse and addressed health and caring for the sick. The author writes about his daily life as a nurse.