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Recto Verso

Recto Verso is a blog run by a woman who calls herself African and homosexual. It’s not about self-justification or any kind of gender orientation but about its meaning. The blogger addresses LGBT issues and reports in a precise – and sometimes ironic – way about life as a young woman in an African society that doesn’t always understand her and where the walls of prejudice are still tall.


Hello Afrika

Africa meets Africa and talks about Africa – that’s “Hello Afrika” in a nutshell. It takes you on a trip through cities and villages across the African continent and introduces you to the people who have concrete solutions the problems faced by people in their communities. The project features the cultural diversity and treasures of each region. The profiles, interviews and in-depth reporting has begun with 31 cities and villages in Ivory Coast.


Daily Retro CMR

Reading “Daily Retro CMR” is like diving into Cameron’s contemporary history. Philippe Menkoue presents a historic event every day and uses digital media to enrich what some could see as a dry piece of history. The chronology stretches from the Colonial era of circa 1910 to a visit by Pope Benedict XVI in March 2009. There are, of course, many sources detailing Cameron’s history, but this site’s original presentation as a calendar of events makes it an interesting collection of information that’s expanding and improving with each day.


Trip to Accordionstan

Un voyage en Accordéonistan, or a “Trip to Accordionstan,” is a travel blog kept up by a young French engineer who is making his way, in stages, along the Silk Road with an accordion, a camera and a microphone. From Hungary to Iran, via Serbia, Georgia and Armenia, the author has met a variety of artists and uses his well-formed posts, photos and audios to show the universality of music and culture.



“I’m neither a tourist nor a travel expert, but I want to share my trips and experiences with you in my own personal and honest way.” That’s the sentence that Jerson, a.k.a. Aristofennes, wrote to summarize this blog’s wonderful soul. Blogtrip is the French version of his journeys around the world. The Spanish-speaking globetrotter decided to share his passion for travel in French after falling in love with France while studying there. Blogtrip is an honest and warm spot to follow one of our fellow human’s trips here, there and everywhere as he continues a trips around the world that he has no intention of ending.