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مصعب الشامي

Mosa'ab Elshamy is a freelance photoblogger covering current affairs as well as in-depth socio-economic and cultural photostories. He gained wide exposure for his coverage of the Egyptian revolution and the events that continue to follow it, as well as for coverage of the 2012 Gaza war.


Euromaydan is the biggest and most popular of Ukraine's Facebook communities. With some 300,000 subscribers, it appeared as a volunteer initiative in the first days of revolution in Ukraine. Over time, it developed into the main informational resource of Euro-Maydan, helped mobilize people, posted recent news, and coordinated the needs of revolution.

Best Innovation


The BanglaBraille project aims to create braille and audio textbooks for visually impaired school children in Bangladesh. Close to one million people in Bangladesh are visually impaired, including more than 50,000 school age children who are unable to study due to the lack of expensive braille textbooks. BanglaBraille uses the power of crowdsourcing and social media to assemble a team of dedicated volunteers using Internet-based collaboration to transcribe textbooks into digital form for both print and audio books. Volunteers have generated many high quality audio books and digitized textbooks for class 1-10 levels which are distributed via the BanglaBraille website.

Best Social Activism

Visualizing Palestine

The infographics at Visualizing Palestine provide a window into the daily lives of Palestinians and Palestinian refugees. Visualizations rely on UN and NGO data to paint a picture of displacements, Middle East peace talks, employment and administrative detention. Launched in 2011 with a staff split mainly between Ramallah and Beirut, the site's visuals have been published in several major media outlets and shared widely around the world by Internet users.


The New Citizens' Movement was started by the well-known Chinese rights activist Xu Zhiyong and the Open Constitution Initiative (Gongmeng in Chinese) in May 2012. Its goal is to encourage people to take their responsibility as citizens, push for constitutional reforms, and transform China into a civil society. They have carried out various activities including calling for government officials to declare their income to the public, pushing for equal rights to education, as well as gathering like-minded people in the same cities to the dinner table to share their experiences and ideas. The movement is decentralized. Although dozens of participants - including Xu Zhiyong himself - have been arrested, the movement still goes on. It has pushed the civil rights movement of China since 2003 into a new height.

Most Creative & Original


Find Twitter's 140 characters a bit long-winded? This Weibo uses just several Chinese characters, and sometimes only one, to talk about the most discussed news on the Internet that day. As Chinese characters are often made up of different parts and each part can have a different meaning, this Weibo uses the characters - sometimes by changing them in a relevant way - to convey ideas behind the news. The account started at the beginning of 2013 and was read 419,773,875 last year.


The people behind Babylon 13 call the project "a cinema of civic protest." Their aim is to record and show the first decisive steps of the civil society in Ukraine. Babylon 13 is made by a group of activists who create documentaries about the Ukrainian revolution.

Reporters Without Borders Award


In February, volunteer divers found nearly 200 folders of documents at a lake at the residence of former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The files had been thrown in the lake to destroy them as people were escaping the compound. A group of journalists and activists has undertaken a massive effort to rescue, organize and investigate the enormous wealth of information about the former owners of the residence.

Global Media Forum Award

खबर लहारिया

A rural weekly newspaper published in the Hindi heartland in six local languages. The team consists entirely of women journalists who write, edit, produce and distribute the newspaper. The newspaper has feminist line of thought and caters to neo-literate readership in these regions. It captures news from rural and semi-rural areas that often goes unreported in the mainstream media.

ওম্যান চাপ্টার

Women Chapter is an alternative media platform for the women of Bangladesh and a movement for change. It was initiated with the objective of promoting issues related to women, and to acknowledge, encourage and appreciate women's work not only in Bangladesh but around the world. Women Chapter also has the goal of changing the stereotypical mindset about the role of women at home and at work by drawing attention to the gender issues which are still divisive issues in people's personal and professional lives. On top of all that, they are gradually trying to develop a "support center" where mainly women journalists will be provided with the assistance they require.

People's Choice for Arabic


Qoll aggregates opinion posts from Egypt. Posts are categorized as social, political, economical, sports and cultural topics.

People's Choice for Bengali

জিরো টু ইনফিনিটি

Zero to Infinity is a Bangla science blog site that promotes discussions of scientific topics. Students at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology developed the site with the goal of approaching science in the Bangla blogosphere. It also offers a Q & A section where anyone can pose any science-related questions and the writers behind the site try to answer them. This section of the site is quite popular.

People's Choice for Chinese


Ai Xiaoming is an intellectual, independent documentary film producer and rights activist. She started in 2006 with a series of documentary films including five on collapsed schools due to the earthquake in Sichuan in spring 2008. Her newest documentary is about the trial of the New Citizen's Movement.

People's Choice for English

Cartoon Movement

A community of international political cartoonists, the Cartoon Movement is a platform for high-quality political cartoons and comics as well as discussions about them. The site publishes the best of the best four times a week, sells political cartoons to the media and permits individuals to share them freely on the Web.

People's Choice for French

Les Chroniques de Yamna

"Yamnas Chronicles" is a blog by a young Moroccan woman named Yasmine who has given herself the title of being an "unconventional woman." Her posts about unemployment, exile, women's roles and illiteracy illustrate her open and honest tone. Profound and sensitive, she shows a Morocco through the lens of an up-to-date woman.

People's Choice for German

Melancholie Modeste

The stories that end up writing your life.

People's Choice for Hindi


This site provides informed analysis of contemporary social, political and economic issues in India.

People's Choice for Indonesian Indonesia

In Indonesia today, where corruption is rampant, public policy is a playground for political parties and is used as power bargaining tools. This siteis the most important recent innovation that helps to Indonesian public start online petitions for important matters, gain public support, consolidate the social movement, and put public pressure on the government and parliament. The site has successfully helped influenced several important public policies in Indonesia. One of the biggest campaign was the #SaveKPK movement started by an online petition on this site, where public took side of the Corruption Eradication Commission in a political battle with the Indonesian Police.

People's Choice for Persian


Laleh has been a blogger since January 2007. The blog is a collection of her life experiences.

People's Choice for Portuguese


Blog MigraMundo went online in October 2012 and works to provide "a forum to discuss the many facets of migration in Brazil and around the world." The blog has news and reports about the problems migrants face in Brazil and elsewhere as well as developments and views of migrant issues.

People's Choice for Russian


The fact-checking website was launchen in March 2014 by alums and students of the Ukrainian Mohyla School of Journalism and Digital Future of Journalism professional program for journalists and editors. It struggles against false and fake information about events in Ukraine during the crisis in Crimea, which is mostly transmitted via pro-Kremlin media. The main purpose is to check facts, verify information and refute disorted information and propaganda about events in Crimea.

People's Choice for Spanish

Yo Soy Red

A curation site that collects the most relevant news and discussions in Mexico from alternative sources of information.

People's Choice for Turkish

Yüksekova Haber

This news site remains one of the few reliable sources from Kurdish lands in Turkey. It maintains professional journalistic standards and provides news from local citizens and professional journalists.

People's Choice for Ukrainian

Блог Сергія Лещенка

The blog of one of the most famous Ukrainian journalists, Serhiy Leshchenko is a brave investigator who exposed the luxury style of life of the previous government and did not hesitate to give critical assessments to politicians from all parties.