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Voting starts April 3!For the last month we’ve been saving all the blogs, activism campaigns, innovative initiatives and others sites you submitted to The Bobs this year.  All in all, you sent in over 4,200 sites for our 34 categories - that’s over 1,000 more suggestions than last year. Thanks!

Now the hard work begins for our international jury of bloggers, independent journalists and media experts. Jury members are poring over list of submitted sites in their languages to put together a the short list of nominees in each category.

Voting begins in April

The jury is at work now, but your turn is coming up again soon. Online voting in all 34 categories begins on April 3 and Users’ Choice Awards will be awarded to the site that gets the most votes by May 7.

The jury members will decide on Jury Award winners in the six multilingual categories on May 4-5. All the winners will be announced here on May 7 – but you’ll be hearing from us before then!

Who deserves an online activism award?

_theBOBS_submit_nowAnd we’re off! Starting on February 6, the ninth annual The Bobs online activism awards are underway. We’re ready for your suggestions of the best in online activism.

What’s new?

This year we’re expanding to include more languages and categories than ever. Starting now, The Bobs accepts submissions in three more languages: Hindi, Turkish and Ukrainian. That brings to the total up to 14: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Other than being in one of those 14 languages, websites and projects submitted to The Bobs have to be accessible to the public — that means no password restrictions or registration requirements.

We’ve also increased the number of categories this year. For the first time, we’ll also be looking to honor microbloggers in each individual language. These categories are open to people using Twitter, Weibos or any other microblog platform to share their views. You can find out more about the categories here.

An international award

This year we have an excellent international jury panel to put together list of finalists in all 34 categories. The jury members are also the people who will meet in May in Berlin for two days worth of discussions decide on the winners of the Jury Awards in the six main, multilingual categories. With a representative from each of The Bobs’ languages, the nominees that set themselves apart in these six categories can truly call themselves international award winners.

The other categories in The Bobs — Best Blog and Best Person to Follow in each language — will be decided by an online vote. We will be calling on Internet users around the world to vote for the sites and projects they find most impressive — both in the language-specific categories as well as to hand out the Users’ Choice Prizes in the multilingual categories as well.

Save the dates

  • February 6 – March 6: Submit candidates in 14 languages and 34 categories
  • March 6 – April 3: Give the jury some time to evaluate submissions and create the list of finalists.
  • April 4 – May 7: Vote online to decide the winners of the Users’ Choice Prizes in all 34 categories
  • May 4 – May 5: The jury panel meets in Berlin to decide the winners of the Jury Award in the six main, multilingual categories.
  • May 7: Turn in right here to find out all the winners of The Bobs 2013
  • June 18: Jury Award winners will be in Bonn to pick up their prizes at an award ceremony as part of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum.

The Bobs start on February 6 with three new languages

theBOBS_starting_soonCurious about what’s been going on at The Bobs since the awards were handed out last year? Well, in addition to the colorful new site, we’ve made some changes to the contest before it starts its ninth edition.

We’re adding three more languages to the award – Hindi, Turkish and Ukrainian – opening the contest’s categories to a total of 14 languages. What exactly does that mean? Read through the site in your choice of Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, or Ukrainian.

This year we also want to know about what microblogs keep you most informed and entertained. That’s why we’ve decided to add a category for Best Person to Follow in each of The Bobs’ languages. Including the new microblog categories, there are not 34 categories for international excellence to be recognized.

The 2013 Jury

The jury speaks here at The Bobs. It’s up to jury members to choose the nominees and all 14 jury panel members (one per language) meet in Berlin to discuss, debate and decide on The Bobs Jury Award winners in the six big, multilingual categories.

This year’s three new languages, of course, will have jury members as well. Dr. Özgür Uçkan teaches communications at Bilgi University in Istanbul. He is a well-known blogger in Turkey and has written several book on net-related topics. Mustafa Nayyem will keep his eye on the Ukranian internet scene for The Bobs. Born in Afghanistan, the  journalist, blogger and TV moderator has become one of the most important political voices in the Ukrainian internet. We’re also happy to welcome popular blogger and moderator Ravish Kumar as The Bobs’ Hindi jury member.

Starting February 6, you can read about all The Bobs 2013 jury members.

Save the date: February 6

In addition to finding about the jury members, February 6 (at high noon, German time) is also the day when the window on suggestions to the 2013 The Bobs will open. We’re all looking forward to seeing your suggestions.


The winners of this year’s Jury Awards met at a prize ceremony in Bonn, Germany, on Tuesday. The event was part of the Deutsche Welle Global Media forum.

We’re not going to rehash the entire ceremony here – you can read about winners here and here.  But we would like to take the opportunity to thank the winners for their inspiring and moving words. Your creative work continues to influence people around the world.

Here’s a review of the winners:

Best Blog: Window of Anguish (Arash Sigarchi, @sigarchi)

Best Social Activism Campaign: Free Razan (Sherry Al-Hayek, @sherriecoals)

Best Use Of Technology For Social Good: Harassmap (Rebecca Chiao, @Ribeska)

Special Topic Award Education and Culture: Fasokan (Boukary Konaté, @fasokan)

Best Video Channel: Kuang Kuang Kuang (Wang Bo)

Reporters Without Borders Awards: Abu Sufian’s Blog (Abu Sufian)

Photos of the Award Ceremony and the Jury Winners

English Press Release