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The winners of this year’s Jury Awards met at a prize ceremony in Bonn, Germany, on Tuesday. The event was part of the Deutsche Welle Global Media forum.

We’re not going to rehash the entire ceremony here – you can read about winners here and here.  But we would like to take the opportunity to thank the winners for their inspiring and moving words. Your creative work continues to influence people around the world.

Here’s a review of the winners:

Best Blog: Window of Anguish (Arash Sigarchi, @sigarchi)

Best Social Activism Campaign: Free Razan (Sherry Al-Hayek, @sherriecoals)

Best Use Of Technology For Social Good: Harassmap (Rebecca Chiao, @Ribeska)

Special Topic Award Education and Culture: Fasokan (Boukary Konaté, @fasokan)

Best Video Channel: Kuang Kuang Kuang (Wang Bo)

Reporters Without Borders Awards: Abu Sufian’s Blog (Abu Sufian)

Photos of the Award Ceremony and the Jury Winners

English Press Release

Jury reaches a verdict – actually six of them

A very happy jury

Our 12 jury members decided on the winners of the 2012 BOBs! After sifting through 3,200 you had a chance to choose the winners the BOBs’ User Prizes in 17 categories and 11 languages. And after an exciting month of voting, the winners have been decided, so go check them out!

In addition to the User Prizes, the jury of bloggers, media experts and activists also got shut into a conference room for a day to cure the best blogs, and campaigns and media project in the main six multilingual categories.

Blogger and journalist Arash Sigarchi was this year’s big winner, taking the Jury Award for Best Blog with “Window of Anguish,” where he writes about human rights, social and political topics about his homeland. Window of Anguish is widely read inside and outside of Iran for its objective view of current events. Currently in Washington, Sigarchi maintains close connections to many sources in Iran.

This year’s other Jury Awards went to:

Best Social Activism Campaign
Free Syrian Blogger& Activist Razan Ghazzawi

Special Topic Award Education and Culture

Best Use of Technology for Social Good

Best Video Channel
Kuang Kuang Kuang

Reporters Without Borders Award
Abu Sufian’s Blog

Our thanks and congratulations go out to all the Jury Award winners for their amazing and inspiring work. We’re looking forwarding to meeting you at next month’s Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany.


UPDATE: We can’t count on computers

Long into the night there was pointing and there was clicking (and cursing at our computers), but the best result we can establish is that both Jou3an and Window of Anguish earned the same percentage of votes cast in the Best Blog category.

That’s why we are declaring both Jou3an and Window of Anguish User Prize winners in the Best Blog category. Our congratulations go to both of them!

So what was the problem with the website? Here’s what happened: when we threw the switch from the “voting phase” to the “winner phase” our servers published the results before counting the votes cast during the last seconds. After counting those last under-the-gun votes, the result changed. Remember when we said it was a “neck-and-neck” race, we weren’t kidding – we’re talking about 13 votes for Window of Anguish.

But because it was our mistake, we find the fairest solution is to award the User Prizes to both of these truly exceptional bloggers.

Since our website wasn’t setup to handle this kind of eventuality, it’s going to take some time to get the page up-to-date.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the confusion.

Polls open at the BOBs

Voting begins today in the Deutsche Welle International Blog Awards – the BOBs. Our international jury of bloggers and media experts waded through the more than 3,200 submissions you made and whittled the list down to just 187 candidates in 17 categories and 11 languages.

Now it’s up to Internet users like you to pore over the candidates and vote for the ones you find best. Your votes will decide the winner of the User Prize in all 17 categories. All the details on how to take part In the poll in our Rules.

We’d like to thank our jury for putting together such an impressive list of candidates and creating a snapshot of the international blogosphere.

In all 11 languages, there are some really great blogs, video channels and inspiring social activism campaigns and educational projects that run the gamut of online political and social responsibility and are certainly worth reading about.

On May 1, jury members will get locked into a conference room in Berlin to decide on the winners of this year’s Jury Awards in the BOBs’ six multilingual categories. Whether it’s the best blog, video channel, social activism campaign, use of technology, educational project or stand for freedom of expression, the sites in six top categories are language-independent, so candidates from all 11 languages vie for a single prize.

Curious about the candidates yet! Go to the Voting page and get the lowdown on all of them and find out what some of the bravest, most creative and inventive bloggers are up to – whether you speak their language or not.

All the winners of the 2012 BOBs will be announced right here at on May 2. Jury winners will also be invited to an award ceremony to pick up their BOB in Bonn, Germany, on June 26 as part of the annual Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum.

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Thanks for all the submissions

For the last month we’ve been saving all the blogs, podcasts, initiatives and sites you submitted for this year’s BOBs.  All in all, you sent in over 3,200 sites for our 17 categories. Thanks!

Now the hard work begins for our international jury of bloggers, independent journalists and media experts. Jury members are poring over list of submitted sites in their languages to put together a the short list of nominees in each category.

Voting begins in April

The jury is at work now, but your turn is coming up again soon. Online voting in all 17 categories begins on April 2 and User Prizes will be awarded to the site that gets the most votes by May 2.

The jury members will decide on Jury Award winners in the six multilingual categories on May 1.

Thanks to rebnejay for the CC photo!