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Yüksekova Haber

A courageous local news website from Yüksekova, a locality in southeastern Turkey, with alternative media content. It’s a very effective source of information about Turkish politics related ethnic problems. The website is under heavy censorship by the authorities, but handles it well thanks to popular support.

Yeşil Gazete

A collective alternative news and analysis blog about Turkish and global ecology politics. “Yeşil Gazete” or “Green Journal,” is also a popular channel for Turkish ecologist movement with many effective campaigns.

Başkaldıran İnsan

A collective blog of Intercultural Researches Association (Kültürlerarası Araştırmalar Derneği) about politics, activism, society and culture. An up-to-date blog that creates an alternative news channel about current political events in Turkey with a civic perspective. This collective blog contains also a lot of articles about civil society organization issues, voluntarism and human rights violations.

Emrah Göker’in istifhanesi

Academician Emrah Göker writes a personal blog with not only to profile his own original content about sociology, politics and culture but also covers reviews about new books, article, films, and other blogs in the domain. His entries represent the spirit of blogging and are highly regarded in Turkish blogosphere.

Meren’in Fotoğraf Günlüğü

Personal blog of A. Murat Eren, a photographer, scientist academic and, of course, blogger. Eren’s criticism of academic ethics is popular and very effective amongst Turkish academics. But his photo journals also are amazing and present a real modern life anthropology channel.


A personal blog with feminine perspective about everyday life and culture. Sour and pettish, ironic and quizzical, seductive and intriguing, her entries are appealing for Turkish internet users – regardless of their gender.

Alternatif Bilişim

Wiki of Alternative Informatics Association (AIA – Alternatif Bilişim Derneği) about digital activism, watchdogging of Internet-related rights, privacy, participation and related campaigns. AIA’s focus areas are new media literacy; privacy and data protection; Internet freedom; net neutrality; free software; intellectual property regulations; and online hate-speech. The website creates an effective platform for the advocacy in each of this focus areas.

Konstantiniye Notları

Notes from Constantinople: Original content of quality about history, culture, politics, art and other topics from popular writer Selcuk Salih. His writing on history with an alternative perspective makes this blog especially interesting.


Cemilertem is the personal blog written by Cemil Ertem, a leading Turkish economist, academician and journalist. The blog is filled with original content about Turkish and global economy politics. Especially his writings about “creative destruction,” systemic crisis and economic & political paradigm shift are very popular.

Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum is a personal blog of sociologist K. Deniz Öğüt with original academic and popular content about politics and culture. His analysis of local and global political events is deep, catchy, and very original. He has am mass of loyal followers in social media and the Turkish blogosphere.