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Mukto Mona

Blog yazarı Rafida Bonya Ahmed, eşi Avijit Roy’un ölümünden sonra onun bloğunu devam ettirme kararı aldı. Laiklik ve bilim üzerine yazıların yer aldığı bloğu ve dinde radikalizme karşı eleştirel tutumu nedeniyle pek çok kez tehdit alan Roy, 26 Şubat 2015’te kimliği belirsiz kişilerce öldürüldü. Rafida Bonya Ahmed de saldırıda bir parmağını kaybetti. Evrim teorisi hakkındaki yazılarıyla da tanınan Rafida Bonya Ahmed, ölüm tehditlerine rağmen blogda yazılarını sürdürüyor.

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Rancho Electrónico

Site, güvenlik ve özgür ve açık internet konularında kullanıcıları bilgilendiriyor ve bu konuya ilgi duyanları bir araya getiriyor.

Sanat & Medya

Zaytoun, the little refugee

Zaytoun, siyasi, sanatsal ve kollektif bir yaratım ve öğrenme projesi olarak tanımlanıyor. Küçük bir mülteci çocuğun serüvenini içeren video oyununda Filistin ve Suriyelilerin durumunun anlaşılması amaçlanıyor.  

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The true meaning of a crowdsourced project for the common good. Dubarah features a simple and beautiful design with lots of added value that has helped many people. It's the first network to address the needs of Syrians wherever they are Dubarah provides them with suitable solutions for the obstacles they face. It was founded by Ahmad Edilbi, the first Syrian awarded with Ashoka Fellowship. The idea for Dubarah came from recognizing the challenging situations many Syrians are forced to come to terms with after having left their country due to the conditions there for new places they have never visited.

Bengalce'de Halkın Seçimi

Toons Magazine

Toons magazine covers the main stories of the day using cartoons. It dares to publish sarcastic cartoons of politicians. Cartoonist Arifur Rahman is the publisher of the site. In September 2007, he was arrested and jailed in Bangladesh because one of his cartoons was alleged to have defamed the Prophet Muhammad. The blogger has been living in Norway since 2010.

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Qiwenlu is a unique Chinese news website. It collects a variety of China-related anecdotes, extraordinary stories and jokes from all over the Internet. Founded in August 2012, it aims to capture every facet of contemporary China. With its excellent mobile support, "Qiwenlu" focuses on collecting pictures and social media generated content.

İngilizce'de Halkın Seçimi

Take Back the Tech

Series of campaigns promoting the use of ICTs, especially by women and girls, in advocacy against gender-based violence. Active on several fronts, including the creation of safe digital spaces; the exploring of links between ICTs and violence against women; and women’s participation in the creation and sharing of knowledge. Campaign components have been adapted and used in several countries since 2006.

Fransızca'da Halkın Seçimi

Recto Verso

Recto Verso is a blog run by a woman who calls herself African and homosexual. It’s not about self-justification or any kind of gender orientation but about its meaning. The blogger addresses LGBT issues and reports in a precise – and sometimes ironic – way about life as a young woman in an African society that doesn’t always understand her and where the walls of prejudice are still tall.

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Have you ever wondered about German’s so-called combined nouns? Have you ever wondered why Germans seem to just keep tacking one word onto the next? Endloswortkombinationen? And what could partyevening, damagehappiness, highstacking possibly mean? This site features beautiful - but sometimes strange - German words and explains them in text and videos.

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Shabd Shikhar

Akanksha Yadav is an award-winning and celebrated blogger, and one of the first women bloggers in Hindi who is still active. She writes about women's issues and current affairs, peppering the blog with personal posts and the poetry she writes.

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Selasar provides infographics of many public issues and popular issues, to help mainstream netizens understanding the big picture of being a citizen. It explores a wide range of topics, such as education quality, capital injection, and state-owned companies which are using national budget.

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Center for Fighting Humbug

The “Center for Fighting Humbug” is a Facebook community page with nearly 300,000 Likes. Inaccurate reports run rampant in the Persian web, this site sees its responsibility in correcting and clarifying the faulty information it sees.

Portekizce'de Halkın Seçimi

Straight Talk

Papo Reto, Straight Talk, is an independent communications collective put together by the young residents in the Complexos do Alemão e Penha favela in Rio de Janeiro. Its goal is to spread news in the favela. It shows the reality of living on the hill and has created a connection between the slum’s residents and the slum itself. Papo Reto offers an alternative to the way the favela is presented in the traditional media.

Rusça'da Halkın Seçimi

Liza Alert

"Liza Alert" - is the web-site of a group of volunteers that organized the search of children, seniors and handicapped persons that went missing. The project was named after 5-year old Lisa Fomkina that was froze to death in a wood. Volunteers involved in the search operation of the child were shocked by the tragic outcome and launched the web-site "Liza Alerts" after this tragedy. Anyone can join the team of the web-site and become a volunteer. Relatives of someone who went missing can publish a notice or report any useful information using the 24/7 hotline. "Liza Alert" conducted hundreds of successful searching operations since the project was launched 4 years ago.

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Radio Ambulante

It combines the most popular medium in the Region, Radio, with new technologies, bringing voice and visibility to important social issues in Spanish.

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5 Harfliler

Bu, kadın hakları konusunda haber ve yazılara yer veren bir site. Kadın yaşamı ve kadın hakları mücadelesine ilişkin her türlü içeriğe yer veriliyor. Özellikle sosyal medya kullanıcıları arasında büyük bir popülariteye sahip ve bazı haberleri yazılı basına da yansıyor.

Ukraynaca'da Halkın Seçimi

Anticorruption Action Center

The Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) is a Ukrainian civil society organization, which unites experts from legal, media and civic-political sectors fighting corruption as a root cause of the key state-building problems in Ukraine. AntAC’s strategic goal is to create conditions, under which it would be too risky and unprofitable for the authorities to engage in corruption.