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Tarek Amr

Tarek AmrTarek Amr is an Egyptian blogger who has been writing his blog since 2005. He joined Global Voices in 2007 and has observed and analyzed the actions and reactions of bloggers and citizen journalists to the events happening in his country and occasionally in other Arab countries as well. Tarek regularly speaks at social media conferences and workshops. Most recently he participated at the Third Arab Blogger Meeting in Tunisia. He’s also interested in photography, computer networks and software development. Blog: Kelmeteen

Steve Vosloo

Steve Vosloo is from South Africa, where he first went online in 1993. He was immediately hooked. In those early days he was a web developer, information architect and usability consultant. For the last 8 years Steve has been passionate about using information and communication technologies (ICT) for social good, working in the fields of e-government, youth and digital media, and mobile learning. He has been the fellow for 21st Century Learning at the Shuttleworth Foundation, where he founded the m4lit (mobiles for literacy) project that demonstrated the enormous potential of mobile publishing to support teen reading and writing in South Africa and Kenya. In 2007 he was a research fellow at Stanford University, where he researched youth and digital media. He is currently a program specialist for mobile learning at UNESCO in Paris. Site: http://stevevosloo.com/

Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1955 and earned a Ph.D. A London University. A well-known photographer, Shahidul has won a number of prizes for his work, including the London Arts Council’s Harvey Harris Trophy and his work has been displayed in leading  galleries around the world. He founded the “Drik Picture Library” at the Bangladesh Photographic Institute “Pathshala” and the Southeast Asian Photographic Institute. As a founding member of the Bangladesh Human Rights Network, he is currently building a center for investigative journalism and has worked as a prominent activist in the creation of Bangladesh’s first Web portal. Shahidul holds presentations around the world on topic including photography, new media and education. Shahidul is a founding member and advisor in the LEARN Foundation, which is dedicated to ICT training in rural regions. Site: www.shahidulalam.com

Rosana Hermann

Rosana Hermann is an author, script writer, TV host and one of Brazil’s most popular bloggers. In 2008, Rosanna won the BOBs Award in the “Best Portuguese Weblog” category. Rosanna studied journalism and nuclear physics at university. She has worked for the Brazilian TV stations SBT, Rede Globo and Band. She is currently creative director at R7, one of Brazil’s biggest internet portals.
Blog: Querido Leitor

Patricia Cammarata

Patricia Cammarata first got addicted to the Internet in 1997 and hasn’t kicked the habit. She’s filled a personal blog under the pseudonym dasnuf with her daily observations for over seven years. Topics range from what some would called “typical” women’s issues like emancipation, combining work and family life and raising a family to what’s happening in the world of culture and politics. Patricia Cammarata studied psychology and philosophy and worked for a number of years as a IT project manager, as people with psychology and philosophy degrees are wont to do. She lives with her family in Berlin as the German capital is the city that  comes the closest to mirroring the variety of the Internet. Blog: Das Nuf Advanced

Marilin Gonzalo

Marilin Gonzalo is a journalist and social media expert from Córdoba, Argentina. After collecting several years in traditional media organizations, Marilin focused on Internet-based communication. With projects like 20palavras (20Words) and twittday.com, she was involved in the initial gatherings of Twitter users in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Lisbon, London, Tokyo and Buenos Aires. Since 2009, she has been Content Manager at the Hipertextual blog network, which consists of 17 blogs. The network rates among the most-read blogs in the Spanish-speaking online world. Blog: Hipertextual

Lucie Morillon

Lucie Morillon heads the Internet Freedom Desk at Reporters Without Borders in Paris. The non-governmental organization promotes freedom of the press around the world and supports imprisoned journalists and bloggers. Lucie has coordinated several of the organization’s international projects and played a role in the expansion of Reporters Without Borders in a number of countries. She has also served as the group US representative. Site: Reporters Without Borders

Isaac Mao

Isaac Mao is one of China’s best-known bloggers and the organizer of the Chinese Bloggers’ Conference, which first took place in Shanghai in 2005. Isaac is also a software developer, a social learning researcher, director of the Social Brain Foundation and sits on the advisory board of Global Voices and several Web 2.0 businesses. He has often spoken out courageously about censorship in China and has written an open letter to Google, asking the company to take a stand against the Chinese government’s filtering methods.
Blog:Issac Mao

Enda Nasution

Dubbed the “Father of Indonesian Bloggers,” Enda is the first Indonesian contributor to Global Voices. He chaired the first Pesta Blogger in 2007, Indonesia’s annual blogger conference and remains a member of the conference steering committee. He’s also a TED Fellow for TEDIndia Dec 2009.
Blogging since 2001, Enda now works to get more Indonesian young people to actively share, express, exchange ideas as a way to built the nation’s self-confidence, an underlying problem to the country. With over 10 years of creative and online experience in Indonesia and in the region, he combined his creative talent and technical strength to found Politikana.com an online political discussion website. He also consults, helps and encourages corporations and organizations to use social media effectively to communicate to their growing audiences. Blog: Enda Nasution’s Weblog

Claire Ulrich

A journalist with more than 20 years professional experience in traditional print and TV media, Claire has advocated for bloggers and citizen journalism since 2004. Claire is a linguist and currently editor of the Global Voices in French site, the Francophone arm of the citizen media site Global Voices Online and a member of its board of directors. She is involved with various organizations promoting digital literacy, social cyberactivism, freedom of expression, and the transformative power of citizen journalism, blogs and social media, with a focus on francophone Africa.
Site:  Claire Ulrich at Global Voices en Français

Arash Abadpour

Known as Kamangir (archer) online, Iranian blogger Arash Abadpour started blogging back in 2004, first in English but now mainly in Persian. Now living in Toronto, Canada, Arash writes about the Persian blogosphere and regularly provides commentary and analysis for international media outlets. Statistics show that his blogmis among the top 20 most-read Persian blogs. Arash has earned a doctorate in electrical and computer engineering.
Blog: Kamangir (Archer)

Alexander Plushev

Alexander Plushev is a journalist, Internet expert and a top-rate Russian blogger. When not pounding words into his keyboard, he also moderates several broadcasts on the independent FM radio station Echo Moskowi. He also produces the video program “All about the Internet” for the RIA Novosti news agency. Plushev wrote for the TV show “vesti.net” on the news channel “Rossija 24,” served as editor-in-chief of the Lenta.ru news portal as well as deputy editor-in-chief at the Axel Springer Russia publishing house and the magazine “Russian Newsweek.” In 2010, Plushev was the producer and moderator of “Runet Premium” the first national, Russian-language Internet prize. Blog: plushev.com