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Stop Acid Attacks, ‘Razor’s Edge,’ Gershad, Center for Political Beauty win The Bobs 2016

Jury 2016Projects documenting the life-threatening situation faced by secular Bangladeshis, Indian victims of acid attacks, refugees fleeing to Europe and Iranians aiming to go about their daily lives won top honors at the 12th annual The Bobs – Best of Online Activism.

Our congratulations go out the Jury Award winners in this year’s four main, multilingual categories:

  • Social Change: “Stop Acid Attacks” campaign from India
  • Citizen Journalism: Documentary film “Razor’s Edge” from Bangladesh
  • Tech for Good: “Gershad” app from Iran
  • Arts & Culture: “Center for Political Beauty” from Germany

See all the winners here!

Many thanks to all of you for submitting more than 2,300 online activism projects to the competition and for the more than 100,000 votes you cast to determine the User Award winners.

Thanks also go to our jury (follow them on Twitter!) for narrowing the submissions down to a manageable list of just 14 projects in each category and then throwing themselves into the daunting task of evaluating projects in over a dozen languages and decide on the Jury Award winners.

Social change

The Indian project “Stop Acid Attacks” won the jury’s award in the Social Change category. SAA focuses on supporting the women who survive acid attacks and too often find themselves alone and stigmatized because of the taboo surrounding the violence committed against them.

SAA helped establish the Sheroes Hangout, a café run by acid attack survivors, advocates for survivors’ rights, for a law explicitly prohibiting acid attacks and for health care to be provided to survivors.

Citizen Journalism

The Bengali documentary film “Razor’s Edge” won the jury’s award in the Citizen Journalism category. The film examines the life-threatening situation secular bloggers and writers face in Bangladesh and the government’s unwillingness to confront the spree of murders committed by religious extremists that has left four dead in the past five weeks.

Tech for Good

Strict regulations dictate what Iranians, particularly women, are permitted to wear in public and religious police take to the streets to enforce the rules. The smart phone app “Gershad” relies on crowd-sourcing to pinpoint the police’s location and plot it on a map so people can avoid them and go about their daily lives.

Arts and Culture

The German project “Center for Political Beauty” won The Bobs jury award in the Arts and Culture category. The political performance art collective organizes provocative events, including demonstrations to support refugees and protest the export of German weapons.

The four jury award winners will all be invited to an award ceremony at DW’s Global Media Forum in June.

Thank you very much – we’re all looking forward to #thebobs17!