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Having problems? We’re on it.

We’re honored that people really want to win The Bobs and are willing to go to great lengths to be among the best in online activism. Unfortunately, as has happened in the past, a few people are also turning to illicit tricks to influence the voting process.

In an effort to avoid manipulation, suspicious votes will show up in the vote total at but will not immediately be tallied for individual candidates. We will evaluate the votes and ensure they were cast in accordance with our rules before adding them to nominees’ totals.

We have also received a few messages from people who have had connection errors while trying to cast votes. We’re looking into this issue and working on a solution. If you are also experiencing problems when you vote, please try again after a few minutes and be sure you have the most recent version of your web browser. You can also send a message to letting us know when and where the problem occurred and what browser and operating system you use.

Thank you for your understanding!