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This site provides informed analysis of contemporary social, political and economic issues in India.

खबर लहारिया

A rural weekly newspaper published in the Hindi heartland in six local languages. The team consists entirely of women journalists who write, edit, produce and distribute the newspaper. The newspaper has feminist line of thought and caters to neo-literate readership in these regions. It captures news from rural and semi-rural areas that often goes unreported in the mainstream media.


An exquisitely written take on social and political events as well as other issues in India.

इंडिया वाटर पोर्टल (हिंदी)

Excellent resource for water related issues in India. It has comprehensive information in the form of archives, discussions. paper, data, articles, etc.


A seminal website that documents the development of the Hindi language on the web and provides links to useful resources. It is also a platform for Hindi writers and poets.