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GMB Akash

Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash considers photography to be the language in which he communicates with the world. Through his photos, he articulates the experiences of the voiceless and brings their identities to the forefront.


Everyday Iran

Everyday Iran is a mobile photographic project run by a group of photographers from Iran who are trying to dispel stereotypes about their country. They curate and post pictures of Iran by Iranians on several social media platforms. The project allows Iranians with mobile phones and photography skills to present life in their cities and regions to people from other parts of the country and the world. Everyday Iran post can be seen on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



This site’s name can be translated as 10 October 2015 Ankara Peace Profiles. On that date, two Islamic State suicide bombers attacked a peace rally in Ankara, and 100 citizens lost their lives. This project is dedicated to their memories and intends to create a profile for each of the people who lost their lives in the attack. It allows anyone to volunteer to write a profile for a particular person after being approved by the site editors. Both professional journalists and ordinary citizens have volunteered to create long-form, fact-based humane stories of those who fallen for peace.



An online magazine, Ma3azef looks at Arabic music as an art of the street, of nightlife and cultural taboos. In less than three years, Ma3azef has produced quality content on the rich musical heritage of the Arab world while at the same time shining a critical light to the work of contemporary artists.


Open Migration

This online project has two main aims: first, to use research and data to challenge misinformation about the many people currently fleeing their homes in search of refuge and, second, to promote and protect migrants’ rights. Open Migration achieves both these goals with its infographics, commentary, news reporting, feature stories and analysis.



WatchDoc is a production house that focuses on documentaries. It is famous for short documentaries highlighting Indonesia’s dark stories of conflict and abuses of authority. “Samin vs. Semen” covered the battle between an indigenous faith community fighting the might of the cement industry. “Alkinemokiye,” a documentary about Papua and Freeport Indonesia, was banned by Indonesia’s authority. “Belakang Hotel” covered how uncontrolled growth of hotel industries led to water problems for the urban poor living behind the hotels.


JT Rappé

Whether in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast or Senegal, rap and activism are getting in tune with each other as African rappers grab the mic to hold the political elite responsible. Xuman and Keyti of Senegal quickly found an audience for their weekly rapped news show. In both French and Wolof, the pair has shed light on local, regional and international issues, including the environment, sexuality and corruption.


Proyecto Quipu

Quipu Project is an experiment, a living documentary about a story that it is still growing after being launched on the Internet. This allows for the story’s organic growth. Using a beautiful design with its roots in an ancient Incas style of communication, this documentary addresses the Peruvian government’s sterilization campaign under Albert Fujimori and features numerous testimonials from victims.



“Arzamas” is both an educational and entertaining online portal launched by the former editor of the Russian magazine “Big City,” Fillip Dziadko. It is educational value comes in the form of lectures and scientific articles covering everything from the history of Russian avant-garde to the myths of South Africa. In terms of entertainment, “Arzamas” offers a better understanding of serious issues without skimping on cute interactive inserts that illustrate the connections between history and the present. For example, could you pass a test called “What could you afford with your salary in the times of Catherine II”?


Waone Interesni Kazki

Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian street art project run by Aleksei Bordusov (Aec) and Vladimir Manzhos (WaOne). The artists create murals that not only brighten up the cityscape but also contain hidden artistic symbols that reveal the artwork’s philosophical subtext. Interesni Kazki’s murals can be found on the walls of kindergartens, hospitals and many other buildings. The drawings by the famous Ukrainian duo can also be seen in many cities in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia.


Zentrum für politische Schönheit

The “Center for Political Beauty” organizes protests at the border between art and politics. Through provoking protest forms, the Center for Political Beauty managed to grab the public’s attention for a variety of topics, including the tragedy of the refugees dying in the Mediterranean Sea, how closed borders affect human rights and weapons exports to developing countries.


Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar Rao is an independent environmental photographer and journalist based in India. On her Instagram account, she tells stories of lands and landscapes, of lives lived and of the arcs ecosystems follow. She travels across the Indian sub-continent watching and documenting the state of freshwater – rivers, lakes, aquifers, and wetlands – and following the changing fates of the people and species dependent upon it. Her black and white pictures tell the stories of people – fishermen and moneylenders, farmers and migrants, refugees and landlords, volunteers and nomads. She calls them “stories of the lifeblood of our land.”


Caravana do Esporte e das Artes

Created by a former volleyball player, Caravana do Esporte e das Artes develops sports and cultural activities in Brazilian cities with a low level of Human Development Index. In 10 years, it has reached almost 300,000 children and received the support of several athletes and companies. It runs workshops on themes such as traditional cultures (Afro-Brazilian, indigenous) and stimulates the practice of several sports in poor communities.


Yu Xiuhua’s Blog

Yu Xiuhua is a 40-year-old woman from Hubei province. While suffering from cerebral palsy and incapable of work, she insists on writing poems, which she has done for many years. Her poems were discovered by chance and went viral on the Internet. Overnight, she became a well-known female poet across China.