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Polls open until May 3

We want to count your votes for the best in online activism at The Bobs! You have until May 3 at 9 a.m. German time (0700 GMT) to cast your ballots. Read about the nominees and cast your votes for the People’s Choice Awards in 14 languages.

Cheaters don’t have a chance

Over the course of this year’s voting, which began on April 9, we have noticed some irregularity and have removed a number of invalid votes. This has led to changes in the rankings in some categories. We would like to point out that we check each vote’s validity as soon as it is cast and update the online vote tallies every few minutes. You can read a more detailed rundown of voting rules on the Rules page.

Jury decides winner of three categories

The winners of the Social Change, Privacy & Security, and Arts & Media categories will be decided by The Bobs’ international jury members. The winners of these three categories will be invited to receive their award as part of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (22-24 June) in Bonn, Germany.

Again, our congratulations to all of the nominees.

Let’s get the voting started

Buzzer-Bobs-2015_Milestoneposting_600x240pxThe choice is yours! There are 70 finalists in 14 languages vying for your votes in The Bobs 2015. You have until May 3 to vote for your favorites in our 14 language-specific categories. The nominees with the most votes will win this year’s People’s Choice Awards.

There were over 4,800 submissions made to The Bobs 2015. Our international jury members had their work cut out for them narrowing the list down to a handful of finalists. Thank you very much for all your hard work!

Rules for voting are simple: you can vote once per category per 24 hours. The nominee with the most votes will the People’s Choice Award. There’s more information about voting on the Rules page.

The winners of the three multilingual categories will be decided by The Bobs jury at the beginning of May. The winners in these three categories will be invited to Bonn to take part in the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum and pick up their awards during a special ceremony.

Good luck to all the nominees.

Thank you for your submissions


Thank you for the 4,800 suggestions you made to The Bobs 2015!

What happens next, you ask? It’ simple really: first comes patience, then comes inspiration.

Starting with the patience: Over the next few weeks our international jury will wade through everything you’ve sent in – all the websites, blogs, projects, media campaigns and initiatives – then compile a list of nominees in all the contest’s categories.

That’s going to take some time. And that’s why we decided to put a pretty cat picture at the top of the page. So that at least there’ll be something cute to look at if the list of finalists isn’t ready. Also, did you know there’s a Cat Theory of Digital Activism?

Get inspired

Once the list of finalists is ready on April 9, we’ll move on to the inspiration. Come back here then to see the list of finalists and check out some of the amazing work being doing around the world. With the help of an English description, a lot of the time you won’t even need to understand the language to get a feeling for a project’s goal or a campaign’s approach to changing the world.

Head to the ballot box

Be sure to give all the finalists a close look, because we’re counting on you to vote for your favorites and give out honors in the People’s Choice categories. You’ll have until May 3 to vote on everything from “People’s Choice for Arabic” to “People’s Choice for Ukrainian” (and the 12 other contest languages in between).

While you’re busy with that, our jury will get together on May 2 in Berlin to decide on the winners of the 2015 Jury Awards in the three multilingual categories. There will be some heady debate but, in the end, when the jury’s votes are counted it’ll be majority rules.

So don’t go anywhere – The Bobs 2015 are just warming up!

April 9 seem like a long way off ? Afraid you’ll forget to check back to see the finalists? We understand – follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll be sure to let you know when the time to vote has come.

Time is running out and we need your submissions!

01-Starting-NOW_Bobs-2015_Milestoneposting_600x240pxThere are only three days left to submit the most interesting and informative blogs, online initiatives and websites to The Bobs! What are the projects that interest you?

We’re looking for the best of online activism – so let us know about the most inspiring projects dealing with education and equality. We also want to know about the social change initiatives you think are making the world a better place. Know of an app or stumbled over a website that’s helping you protect your data and your privacy? What about artistic, cultural and innovative ways of conveying data that keeps the public informed? We want to know about all of them – and are open to suggestions in 14 languages.

In fact, each language will have five creative and extraordinary finalists and we’re counting on you to find the best of the online best around the world.

Get your suggestions in soon – anything that isn’t registered by noon on March 12 (German time) won’t be eligible to win The Bobs 2015. So you’d better hurry.