How To Fix Burnt Hair Without Cutting It

11 Ways To Fix Burnt Hair Without Cutting It

You may experience that, when you’re using a heat hairstyling tool, a call is coming in and you have to talk and therefore not pay attention to your hair, end up burning your hair with an unpleasant smell. 

Several factors can lead to hair burnt, including excessive use of a flat iron, leaving hair wrapped around a curling iron for too long, or employing a styling tool at temperatures exceeding the suggested level for your specific hair type.

Unfortunately, damaged hair from heat styling will not grow back. Burnt hair generally appears dry and brittle, often displaying discoloration, singeing, or even breakage. When touched, burnt hair feels rough, coarse, and lacking in elasticity, making it prone to snapping or frizzing.

You’re reluctant to cut the burnt part of your hair off all at once as that will influence your style & appearance. Therefore, the only solution is to wait for it to grow out from the scalp roots to replace the damaged area and then trim off the damaged hair.

Here are 11 ways to fix burnt hair without cutting it off.

1. Use a Hair Mask or Oil

One way to repair burnt hair is to use a nourishing oil or mask. Oils such as argan, coconut, jojoba, and almond are good for repairing damaged hair. These oils will help replenish the lost moisture from heat damage, making your hair smooth and soft. 

2. Apply Deep Conditioning Treatment

This method is more intensive than using a hair mask. After shampooing, apply a deep conditioning treatment to damp hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Deep conditioning treatment restores moisture as well as adds shine and smoothness to the damaged strands.

3. Consider a Protein Treatment

Hair, primarily composed of a protein called keratin (85-90%), gains its structure and strength from this crucial component. However, when hair experiences burning, the keratin protein becomes damaged, leading to weakened hair prone to breakage, dullness, and loss of shine. 

Protein treatments can provide significant benefits for burnt hair by filling in the gaps and cracks in the hair’s cuticle layer, effectively restoring strength and elasticity. This process reduces the likelihood of breakage and split ends. 

Furthermore, protein treatments enhance the hair’s ability to retain moisture, resulting in softer and more manageable strands. They also help to smooth the cuticle layer, which in turn reflects light and imparts a healthier appearance. Overall, protein treatments contribute to increased elasticity and resilience, which enables your hair to better withstand everyday wear and tear.

4. Vitamin E Supplement

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that aids in safeguarding hair from additional damage. As a natural moisturizer, vitamin E oil can be applied to burnt hair to improve the dryness and brittleness caused by heat damage. Moreover, vitamin E has the ability to promote blood circulation within the scalp, which subsequently stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth. 

5. Biotin Supplement

Biotin is known to support hair growth by stimulating keratin production. Therefore, it can speed up the hair recovery process after burnt.

6. Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Daily

It’s recommended not to shampoo your hair daily because frequent washing removes the natural oils that hydrate and protect your scalp and strands, leaving them vulnerable to breakage. Shampoo no more than two or three times a week for optimal results.

7. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Not to make your hair further damaged, now you need to avoid heat styling tools until your hair has fully recovered. Take a break from all heated styling tools and use heat-free methods to style your hair instead. Choose hairstyles such as braids, buns, or head wraps that don’t involve the application of heat.

You can also take advantage of overnight styles like rag curls or two-strand twists for more defined looks.

8. Gently Towel Dry Your Hair

After styling your hair, the first step is to make sure you gently remove any excess water from your strands. Avoid vigorous rubbing with a towel as this can further damage already fragile strands. Instead, you should opt for a softer “squeeze” motion to lightly dry your hair.

9. Hairstyles with Hair Accessories

At the moment, the hair cannot grow out so if you want to cover up the burnt lengths, you can use accessories like headbands, hats, or scarves to disguise it. 

Using cute and colorful hair pins can also be an effective way of concealing the damaged part of your hair. You could even try wearing longer hairstyles such as braids or ponytails to conceal the damaged parts without sacrificing your style.

10. Trim Every Month

After using the above methods for several months, you will see the damaged areas of hair will eventually be covered by new hair that grows from the roots.

You can cut off a little bit every month to slowly get rid of the burnt part. This way is slow and requires patience but it can effectively fix the problem without cutting all your hair at once.

11. Head To The Salon

If you want to get professional help, then the best way is to go to your local salon. A stylist can assess the damage and offer advice on how to repair it without having to cut off too much length.

Final Thought

You need to access the damage as soon as possible and choose protective remedies once your hair is burnt. 

If your hair is already severely damaged, you may need to consult a professional stylist for help. If it is light, you can do as the tips recommended above. 

Hope your hair will be yours again months later.

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