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How To Market Your Tutoring Academy On Facebook

How To Market Your Tutoring Academy On Facebook

Running a tutoring academy is hardly a walk in the park. With such a highly competitive sector, it’s important to not only offer quality services but also market them smartly. 

A concerned parent is more likely to sign up for their child to attend a tutoring academy rather than the child themselves. And we know exactly where to find these parents on Facebook! 

Once you have set up your academy as a fully functioning institute, you need to get working and start marketing it to your target audience. Creating informative and attractive advertisements is important, but so is picking the right platform to do it. In this blog, we will get you going with the basics on how to market your tutoring academy on Facebook. 

1. ‘Edutainment’ Content is All The Rage

The name is pretty self explanatory. Educational content presented in an entertaining way tends to get the best engagement on all social media platforms. You not only need to give people useful information, but present it in a way that makes them remember, or even better, save your post for later.

Not sure on how to start creating edutainment content? Here are some ideas:

  1. Study schedules 
  2. Tips and tricks to stay focused 
  3. The 20-20-20 rule 

While video content generally performs better, you still need to make your image posts just as catchy. Use your brand colors consistently throughout your feed, make use of infographics and gifs, and don’t hesitate to post a relevant meme once in a while. 

Use free educational poster templates available online so you can get professional designs while saving your time and money.

2. Join Relevant Communities and Groups 

Facebook has dozens of public as well as private groups for people with similar interests. No matter how bizarre the niche is, we assure you there is probably a Facebook group or community for it. 

For tutoring academies, it’s always a smart idea to market your services to people in your area. Join Facebook groups for parents in your neighborhood, any studying groups, general housing community platforms where people from all ages are active, and also try to get a student post in a school group on your behalf. 

People tend to be very supportive within the community. Parents looking for tutors will prefer someone who lives nearby, and once they are satisfied with your services, they will naturally recommend you to other parents in their network. Word of mouth just so happens to be the most effective marketing technique. 

3. Use Facebook Business Manager

Facebook business manager is a bit of a technical tool, but it’s easy to get the hang of. It allows you to reach exactly the demographic that is your target audience so that you don’t waste time and resources on people who aren’t interested in your services. 

The first thing you have to do is design posters and flyers that you want to circulate on the internet. You will then run ads on these posters, so make sure that they look good. 

Check out educational poster templates online to pick out the most professional looking design. Remember, this poster or flyer will serve as the first impression of your business. Make sure it has all the important information.

Once your design is finalized, you can ‘create audiences’ on Facebook business manager. This means you can select certain age groups, genders, regions, and even personal interests that your target audience may have so that Facebook can show your ad to those people exactly. You can make different flyers for different age groups and then target them accordingly. 

For example, an ad meant for parents will definitely be different looking from an ad meant for students. You can create different designs and show them to different groups of people. Easy peasy. 

4. Connect Your Page To Your Instagram Account

Connecting your Facebook page to an Instagram account can save you quite a lot of work. Here’s how. 

Since Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the same company, ads that you pay Facebook for can also be shown to people on Instagram. Helps you target two different platforms at the same time!

Better yet, once you link your two apps you can post the same social media content on both places without extra effort. Your Instagram story will automatically show up on Facebook as well, even though you’re only manually posting on one platform. We love automation!

5. Testimonials All The Way

Like mentioned before, word of mouth is the best way to get in customers. People find a business much more credible and trustworthy when they see other people talk about their experience. This is why testimonials go a long way in growing a business. 

The clients that you already have, ask them to say a few words about their experience. Video content generally does better but if they aren’t comfortable with it then a simple quote will also do. Don’t be too modest with these testimonials, post them everywhere! Ask clients to also leave reviews directly on your Facebook page for a more transparent feel. 

Once these reviews get rolling, your digital presence will start building a very credible presence.


Running a business is difficult, marketing it is a whole different task (but equally taxing). 

Make sure you are constantly updated on what’s new and trending with all the social media platforms. Missing out on a feature might cost you a few customers and you don’t want that. Facebook is a great place to get the word out, you just have to be smart about it. 

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