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Material Girl Meaning

What Does “Material Girl” Mean

You may have heard “Material Girl” from someone or a song from TikTok. You may confuse about whether it is a negative phase to describe a bad girl, a song name, or other meanings. 

“Material Girl” usually has negative connotations when referring to a female who puts a high priority on material possessions and leads a luxurious lifestyle over others. However, it can also be nonnegative if it is used to describe a girl who loves luxurious things but is independent and work hard to earn what she desires. 

“Material Girl” can also be an old song name sung by Madonna or a popular song on TikTok by Saucy Santana in 2021.

Generally, there’re five meanings of “Material Girl” according to different use phenomena. Let’s see them one by one, with examples and explanations for you to have a better understanding.

1. She is Money-oriented and Shallow

A material girl could mean a girl or a woman who is materialistic and money-oriented. To whom, material things are more important than family, friendship, and kindness. A material girl may also refer to someone who appears shallow and more concerned with fame than anything else. Here it has a negative connotation. 

Material girls will spend a lot of their money on luxurious and fashionable things to follow the trend. They pursue more clothes, more jewelry, more makeup, etc. They won’t pay themself but others’ credit cards.

For example:

Melissa (a random name) is such a material girl. She was utterly focused on her love for money, material items, and keeping up with the latest trends. Melissa’s closet was filled with high-end designer clothes, stylish makeup, and luxury accessories, all bought to ensure she stayed fashionable.

Her obsession with materialism came at the cost of deeper connections with family and friends. Melissa cared more about being seen with the right people and mingling with famous faces than building meaningful relationships based on trust, love, and kindness.

Melissa’s spending habits were unmanageable, and she wouldn’t pay for her luxurious lifestyle with her own money. Instead, she would convince others to cover the costs, maxing out their credit cards to maintain her extravagant way of life. This behavior further pushed her away from the people around her, as she prioritized material possessions and fame above everything else.

2. She Loves High-end Things But is Independent  

A material girl can also be someone who enjoys the finer things in life and values self-sufficiency when it comes to wealth. 

For example:

A successful businesswoman who has high standards with material things often buys designer clothes and drives a luxury car, but has earned her wealth through her own hard work, could be considered a material girl. These individuals are often wealthy or actively striving to achieve wealth.

3. A Girl Who Loves Money from the Guy in a Relationship

In a romantic relationship, a material girl typically prioritizes material possessions over emotional connections. She seeks a lifestyle filled with luxury items and often expects her partners to provide them as gifts. Such a girl is more interested in her partner’s financial status than in their personal qualities or romantic gestures.

She may leave the guy if they cannot maintain her high-maintenance lifestyle or satisfy her desire for expensive things. 

4. “Material Girl” Song by Madonna in 1984

“Material Girl” is also an old song by the legendary American singer and songwriter Madonna, which was released in 1984. Maybe it is the originality of the phrase “Material Girl”.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of someone who wants to live a rich life and only dates men who can give them a luxurious lifestyle. Basically, the words express a focus on material things.

Here are the song’s most iconic lines:

“Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me

I think they’re O.K.

If they don’t give me proper credit

I just walk away”

“Living in a material world

And I am a material girl”

These lines showcase the song’s central theme, highlighting the importance of material possessions and wealth in life. 

5. “Material Girl” Song by Saucy Santana on TikTok

“Material Girl” is also the single of Saucy Santana based on Madonna’s original “Material Girl”, which was released in 2019. However, it went viral on the social media platform TikTok in late 2021.

@genius come correct when you approach *the* material girl @Saucy Santana ♬ original sound – Genius

@saucysantanaMaterial Girl 🤑♬ original sound – 𝖰𝖴𝖤𝖤𝖭

@saucysantana Hi, @madonna ♬ Material Girl – Madonna

When Gen-Z and millennials use the slang “material girl”, they usually talk about the TikTok trend. 

On TikTok, videos with the hashtag #materialgirl have had more than 6.4 billion views, while #materialgworl, has received more than 2.6 billion views.

The trend is material girls everywhere are using TikTok to showcase their luxurious lifestyles.

Generally, Saucy Santana expressed in the song that everyone can be themselves, embracing their own version of a material girl and proudly displaying it.

The song is a bold and catchy track that embraces materialism, luxury, and self-worth. The lyrics emphasize the importance of enjoying the finer things in life, maintaining a strong sense of self, and being financially independent. 

Throughout the song, Saucy Santana makes references to high-end fashion brands like Chanel, Balmain, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, showcasing a love for luxury and material possessions. The lyrics also mention private jets, expensive jewelry, and exclusive experiences as part of their desired lifestyle.

The lyrics also convey a strong sense of self-worth and confidence, with Saucy Santana asserting that they deserve the best and won’t settle for less. They emphasize being financially independent and not relying on a romantic partner for material goods.

The song also sends a powerful message about recognizing one’s value and enjoying the rewards of success and hard work.

By the way, Saucy Santana has worked with Madonna on the song Material Gworrllllllll!

Final Thought

You can see there are various interpretations of “Material Girl,” and the intended message depends on the speaker’s understanding of the term. The tone and context of the conversation may provide clues to their meaning. If still unclear, feel free to ask the speaker for clarification.

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