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Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home

18 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home

If you plan to celebrate your anniversary at home this year, here are some ways that may bring you an unforgettable home based anniversary.

1. Make Surprise

Surprise your better half as many times during the day as possible, for example with small presents or handwritten notes, which you place in different places in the house and appear unexpectedly.

Begin the day with serving them breakfast in bed, the breakfast includes their best dishes. You could also come up with a scavenger hunt where the clues lead to a gift that is related to your relationship or a memory from your relationship.

2. Have Fun Together In The Morning And The Evening

Your two can have an amazing sunset and sunrise as part of your anniversary celebration.

Find the sunniest spot in your home, for example a porch or a backyard, and make a comfortable seating area with pillows and blankets.

Tasting your morning cup and observing the sunrise, then you should end the day with a glass of wine as you watch the sunset. A very small but strong touch will remind you about it forever.

3. Decorate House

Decorate your house with the anniversary theme and create a haven of love for you two.

The real example is the five-year anniversary theme with the use of wooden details all over the house. If this is your tenth wedding anniversary, you can use the main color tin or aluminum in your décor.

4. Have a Romantic Dinner

A typical way of marking the anniversary is a home-cooked dinner. Cook your partner’s favorite meal or try to replicate the one that was significant for you, for example, that moment when you had your first date.

5. Get A Private Chef

If you want to bring “something special” in your romantic dinner, you can hire a private chef.

You just specify the date and time, pick the menu and enjoy.

The chef will be in charge from ordering ingredients to cleaning up, and it will be perfect to celebrate your anniversary right at home.

6. Make Dinner Together

Why don’t you cook together? Select a menu you both like, and enjoy the fun of cooking as a team. This activity will yield a delicious meal and create happiness while cooking.

7. Wine Tasting

Plan a wine tasting and bring the vineyard into your living room. Select several other wines, such as those from places you’d like to visit, and cheese/appetizers that will complement the taste of the wine.

8. Get Dressed Up

Celebrating at home doesn’t mean that you should not get dressed up. Dress, comb your hair and make an attempt to be brighter to each other. Wearing anything else for an at-home event will make the event special and therefore – memorable.

9. Re-enact Your First Date

Recreate the magic of your first date by doing the same thing at home. Each person has a song, film or dish that is associated with love. If you visited an Italian restaurant for the first date, prepare the same pasta that night, watch the same movie, or play the same song you danced to for the first time.

This back-to-the-past visit may bring back memories of the early days you spent as a couple with each other and thus consolidating your relation.

10. Renew Wedding Vows

Recommit your love. If you want, then you can write new vows and have them said in a simple exchange in a living room or in the backyard.

Your alliance mark or emblem would be strong enough to remind you of the promises you made on the day of the wedding.

11. Watch Your Wedding Video

Cuddle on the couch while watching your wedding video. Laugh, cry, and see how much your love has grown since then. It will bring back the joy of your wedding day and remind you of the loving moments you’ve shared together.

12. Share Wedding Memories

Feel back the best and the most cherished moments of your wedding day. Mention the lights and dark moments, the fun times and the tough times you went through. Telling such stories will show the love, the care and the growth you have enjoyed in your marriage.

13. Living Room Dancing

Clear your living room, play romantic songs and have a slow dance with your special one.

Thanks to this wonderful second, you can remember your wedding day and the corresponding atmosphere will stay with your heart.

14. Watch a Love Movie in the Evening

Select a romantic movie that you both like. Pick a bag of popcorn, cover yourself with a blanket, and immerse yourself in the stories of love.

15. Shower Together

Add a touch of warmth to your anniversary by taking a shower together. Light candles, play calming music, and enjoy a peaceful, romantic moment to relax and wash away the stress of daily life.

16. Spend Your Time in the Bed

Give yourself the chance to stay in bed for the day. You can just watch a film, read a book or even, just flop and daydream about the future. The result of such a friendly get-together will be that you will be able to have a wonderful time with one another peacefully and undisturbed.

17. Learn Something New About One Another

Use your anniversary as a means to learn more about your significant other. Inquire about something you never asked before and have a deep discussion about their opinions and feelings.

18. Do a New Activity Together

You can do a new activity that you both enjoy and spend the day learning and having fun by practicing that activity. It might be painting, a different cuisine or dance.

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