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What Does Spanish "No Quema Cuh" Meaning

What Does Spanish “No Quema Cuh” Meaning

No quema cuh is an interesting phrase that combines Spanish and English slang. Its literal meaning is “It doesn’t burn, cousin.” The Spanish “No quema” translates to “It doesn’t burn”, and “cuh” means cousin.

It first started being used in “takuache” subculture (young, mostly Mexican men driving low-rider trucks and wearing expensive clothes). Here, it was used to say that someone’s truck didn’t do burnouts.

However, later, this phrase was adopted by a more general population, and it got a new meaning – “no problem, bro.” It can also be used as a question, and then it means “is there are problem, bro/cousin?” 

How to Use No Quema Cuh

No Quema Cuh meaning no problem bro

Unless you belong to the takuache subculture, you will probably use the phrase “no quema cuh” rather seldom and for its more general meaning. 

It is most often used in places where people frequently mix English and Spanish, like near the border between the United States and Mexico.

“No quema cuh” can be used to indicate that something is not a big deal, not serious, or not worth getting upset or worried about. It’s akin to saying “no worries” or “it’s all good” in English. It’s a way of telling someone to relax or not to stress about a particular situation.

The phrase became particularly popular on social media platforms, where it was used in various memes, videos, and posts, often in humorous contexts or to downplay situations that might otherwise seem tense or problematic.

Here are some dialogue examples.

Example 1:

  • Person A: “Hey, man. I accidentally knocked over your drink. I’m really sorry.”
  • You: “No quema cuh, don’t worry about it. It was empty anyway.”

Example 2: 

  • Co-work: “I’m really sorry, but I think I lost the notes you gave me for the project. I’ve been searching everywhere.”
  • You: “No quema cuh, I have a copy saved on my laptop. I’ll email it to you.”

Other Meanings

Some people use the “no quema cuh” phrase when they want to say someone or something is crazy. Or when they simply want to react in disbelief at someone’s actions. For example, something like, “You’re acting crazy. No quema cuh.” In other words, you can use this phrase to figuratively shake your head.  


If you want to say a phrase similar to no quema cuh, you can use some of these phrases:

  • No hay pedo
  • No quema
  • Esta chido
  • No hay bronca

All these phrases basically mean “no problem,” and they are Spanish slang, mostly used by Mexicans.


No quema cuh is a phrase that originally meant “it’s not burning, cousin,” and it was used by pickup truck drivers, usually of Mexican descent. However, later it was adopted by a more general population, and in that context, no quema cuh means “no problem, bro.”

You can use it in casual conversations, but if you are not Mexican, keep in mind that some people might think you are a “wannabe.” 

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