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PromoSM: Meaning and Why Is It In Youtube Comment

As a YouTube creator, you may have received “PromoSM” or “Promo SM” comments on your new videos. You’re wondering if it’s a good comment, and its meaning as you have never heard of it before.

Here we’ll try to figure out what “PromoSM” is, what it means in YouTube comments, why someone comments it on your video, how to do with it, and if a service like “PromoSM” is allowed on YouTube.

What is PromoSM? 

Generally, PromoSM (the abbreviation of “Promotion Social Media”) is a paid social media marketing company since 2021, which is designed to boost creators’ engagement metrics, from likes and views to followers. Catering to social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch, Reddit, and more. 

It has a simple website to introduce its product. From the website introduction, you can make your posts/videos trend after making the payment.

PromoSM also has a YouTube video that briefly explains its service.

From this video, you can see PromoSM’s target customers are new brands or creators:

  • who are relatively new to social media or those who have not yet established an online presence. 
  • looking for rapid growth and an initial boost in their online visibility as nobody clicks posts with no likes, especially nobody clicks posts and no likes.

Why Does Someone Comment “PromoSM” On Your Video?

Advertising. You may be confused as to why someone left a comment “PromoSM” under your YouTube videos, especially if your channel or videos are new. Generally, people from PromoSM may try to attract attention, want to redirect viewers to their site, and increase their brand awareness by doing so. 

You can imagine when you see PromoSM in your video comment, you’ll research it on Google as you don’t know its meaning, which may lead you to visit their website and see their service, and there is a chance you may buy their service to promote your video.

How Your Videos Receive PromoSM” Comment?

It seems that there’s a suspicion that PromoSM may be employing automated bots to leave comments on videos, particularly targeting newer channels. As you can understand, the purpose behind this is to boost their sales by increasing their visibility among new content creators. 

By randomly commenting on videos, they can reach a wider audience, making more creators aware of their services. This tactic, if true, is a way to directly market to potential customers by placing their brand name right in the comments section of a creator’s video. 

What To Do If You Receive A “PromoSM” Comment On Your Video?

When you see a comment with the word “PromoSM” under your video, it may make you wonder whether it’s spam. Should you remove it or let it remain?  

Yes, it can be considered spam, and you can report this comment as spam and then delete it to make sure it doesn’t do bad to your channel. You may be excited to have “PromoSM” as the first comment on your channel or your newest video, but finally be disappointed as you find it is a spam.

Is PromoSM Allowed On Youtube?  

Of course not, you can buy YouTube subscribers to grow your channel, but it is not allowed on YouTube.  

Generally, if you use a service like PromoSM, you may be against both the 3rd and 6th Permissions and Restrictions statement in the YouTube Terms of Service.

Here are details and explanations.

3rd of Permissions and Restrictions statement

You are not allowed to access the Service using any automated means (such as robots, botnets or scrapers).

You don’t know how PromoSM helps increase your subscribers, views, and likes. You want real subscribers (human beings) to click the red button to subscribe to your channels instead of bots. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether subscribers are real people or not. So if PromoSM uses bots to watch your videos or subscribe to your channel, your channel will be negatively affected.

6th of Permissions and Restrictions statement

You are not allowed to cause or encourage any inaccurate measurements of genuine user engagement with the Service, including by paying people or providing them with incentives to increase a video’s views, likes, or dislikes, or to increase a channel’s subscribers, or otherwise manipulate metrics in any manner.

In a video titled “Using promoSM to Promote my YouTube Channel / Scam or Legit?” the Youtuber tried PromoSM with the price of $4.4 to increase 100 subscribers. He said that PromoSM pays people after you pay them to make others subscribe to your channel. So this marketing strategy is also not complying with Youtube’s Terms of Service. 

Final Thought

After uploading a YouTube video, you anticipate likes, views, and subscribers, only to discover a “PromoSM” comment. Now you understand the meaning of “PromoSM”, will you try it? It’s up to you to try or not.

If “PromoSM” provides bot subscribers rather than legit ones, it could adversely impact your YouTube account. Engaging with real viewers who genuinely appreciate your content is invaluable. Hearing their feedback not only validates your efforts but also helps you grow and refine your craft. 

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