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Should I Apply to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

Should I Apply to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

There are several job opportunities in your dream company. Since you can’t figure out which one to apply for, you think of applying for several positions in the same company.

However, is it a wise proposal? Is that going to mess up your chances of getting hired?

Let’s discuss the details of applying to different positions within the same company, exploring the benefits, and tips to enhance your job application strategy.

Can you Apply to Different Positions with the Same Company?

Yes, you can definitely do that. It reveals your enthusiasm to work for the company and the attitude of being ready for the several positions where you could be suitable for.

Nevertheless, you should be cautious in the use of this tactic, as it might portray you as an indecisive or a lack of focus in your career path.

Reasons to Apply to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

Your application to more than one job in the same organization might be due to a few good reasons.

Increase Your Chances of Being Employed

If you apply for more than one position, it’s possible to improve your chances of being noticed by hiring managers inside the company. Because applications are usually competitive in the nature, submitting applications to different positions in the same company can help you to get job interview. Therefore, enhance your chance of being employed.

Showcase Versatility

When you apply for a number of positions, it shows your ability to adapt and contribute in different areas of the company, which is a characteristic that many organizational cultures value.

Prove Your Loyalty to the Company

If you apply for several positions at the same organization, it is an obvious sign of your interest and desire to be a part of this company. It demonstrates that you are not just seeking any job, you want to become a part of their success in various roles.

This approach communicates to the hiring team that you are not only excited about the role but are willing to put your skills in and grow with the company.

The fact that you are committed can give confidence to employers that your contribution will be long-term and your loyalty will be guaranteed which makes you more suitable for the applied positions.

Tips for Applying to Different Positions with the Same Company

1. Select Job Positions Which You Are Really Interested In

If you apply for all the job positions, it may look unfocused. Therefore, you should apply only for the positions that interest you, correspond to your skill, and related to the career goals.

Such targeted approach demonstrates that you have done your homework and are keen on specific areas where you can make an effective contribution.

2. Be Qualified to Fit That Job Position

Carefully analyze each job description and demonstrate your experience and how it fits into more than one position by pinpointing how your skills and the experience you have gained from your previous work make you a suitable candidate for each role.

Customizing your application to reveal such qualifications can dramatically increase your chances of being considered for more than one role.

3. Network Internally

If possible, use your professional network to reach out to existing employees of the organization in Linkedin. They are able to give an insider perspective of the company culture and to offer advise regarding applying to more than one position. At times, a recommendation can strengthen your applications.

4. Tailor Your Application Materials to Each Position

Personalization makes your application unique among general applications.

It is better that you customize your resume and cover letter for every position you apply for. It is easy for hiring managers to identify generic resumes and cover letters.

Understand the specific requirements of every position and then tailor your application form for each role, emphasizing how your skills and experiences suit you to that particular position.

Such extra effort can gain HR’s attention and create an impression of your positive attitude, honesty and diligence.

5. Follow Up with the Hiring Team

Upon submission of your applications, a respectful follow-up e-mail or call will reiterate your strong interest in the company and the positions you applied for.

It is a chance to remind them once again about your application and to show your interest to possibly be a part of their team. Just make sure to wait for a while after the application before contacting.

6. Be Ready to Make a Decision

You should be prepared for a difficult choice if you are lucky and have received job offers for two or more positions.

Think about the position that corresponds best with your future career aspirations, the team you connected with most during the interviews, and where you believe you can add the most value.

Consider factors such as growth possibilities, team synergy, and what each role does for your professional growth.

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