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14 Types of Guys Who Stay Single and Why They Can’t Find Love

What kinds of men will stay single even by the age of 30-35? Besides unattractive looks, there are many other factors that can lead to such result.

Let’s discuss why some men find it difficult to develop long-lasting relationships.

1. Poor Looks

The looks are mostly handed down from parents, but there is no way in which you can change that. Although looks aren’t everything, physical attraction is part of love relationships. 

Unattractive men (short, ugly, fat…) can have more problems with attracting females than ones who look handsome, because it is known that women tend to judge a man from their appearance at first sight.

2. Origin Family Issues

Men have unaddressed family problems that will affect their capability to establish and maintain healthy relationships. Such issues may involve parental divorce, abuse, or neglect that could result in attachment issues or a lack of good examples of how to behave in relationships.

In such cases, women may avoid men who show signs of unresolved family problems, fearing they will not succeed in building a safe and normal relationship.

3. Have No Confidence

Confidence is an appealing characteristic and a man who does not have it might not find real love. For instance, some men may feel they are not so good to deserve such a nice girl as a girlfriend because they think they don’t have money, a good job, a car and a house.

These men may appear insecure or unsure of themselves, which can be unappealing to potential partners. Women are afraid of having a boyfriend who has low self-esteem and they are likely to be emotionally draining or unable to create a healthy, satisfying relationship.

4. Love To Be Single

Some men seem to enjoy their single status and are not looking for any long term relationships. These men frequently put their independence, liberty, and personal development first compared to building romantic relationships.

This choice is not bad in itself; it means, however, that they are not looking for a partner, which can be the reason they remain alone.

5. Prefer A Passive Role in a Relationship

A guy who likes the passive part in a relationship might expect his partner to be the one who will undertake most of the emotional labor, decision making, and overall relationship maintenance.

Nevertheless, a passive position is also a choice of many women. The situation cannot do but create conflict because both partners will be looking for someone who will take the lead.

6. No Interest in Relationships

Some men are simply not interested in having romantic relationships at all. They are satisfied with their existing social groups and do not feel necessary to be with lovers. As a consequence, they do not actively search for love and therefore, it’s not likely that they will even put effort into it if a girl expresses her love.

7. Unwilling to Lower the Standard of Girlfriend

Some men have a dreamy picture of the type of partner they want to be with and do not want to lower that standard. They could be seeking for an “ideal” partner that is not found leading them to reject any potential partner who doesn’t meet their standards. This stubbornness makes them stay single because they constantly reject the chances to have love.

8. Not Paying Attention to Their Image  

Some men may not care for their grooming. Their dressing may be untidy, hygiene poor, or they may, in simple terms, not pay attention to their grooming. 

The fact that men take care of their appearance allures women, as it makes them think that these men are capable of investing other resources, time, and energy into a relationship.

9. Workaholic 

As you can imagine, workaholics put every minute into work and therefore have no room for romance. Their job orientation makes them seem disconnected from potential lovers, as these men do not know how to balance work and love.

Women are likely to be very reluctant to enter into a relationship with a workaholic because of the fear that they will always be the second best to their job.

10. Selfish

Men who are selfish are hard to engage with on an emotional level as they often favor their own needs and wants over their partner. It is this lack of empathy and understanding that makes it hard for women to feel they are being loved and respected in a relationship.

11. Low Emotional Intelligence

Men whose emotional intelligence is low might find it hard to comprehend and control their own feelings and the feelings of their partners. This may result in improper communication and a lack of emotional closeness in a relationship.

Women may find it unattractive to men who cannot say what they feel or do not have empathy, which makes it hard for these men to find love.

12. Playboys

Playboys are usually perceived to be serial daters who are not very interested in a long-term relationship. They may have several casual relationships, leaving a lot of hurt in their way.

A lot of women are afraid to start a relationship with a playboy boy suspecting that he is not a loyal person and not committed to building a good and long lasting relationship.

13. The Man Child

This type of man, behaves like a child, is identified by the fact that he cannot grow up and make his life himself. He probably still resides with his parents, is unambitious, or has trouble being employed. A woman may be unwilling to go out with a man-child as she does not want to be a caregiver or be with an ungrown-up man.

14. Find It Hard to Forget the Ex and Start a New Relationship

Some guys have a hard time getting over past relationships, which can make it hard for them to move to new love. They may also hold a flicker of a flame for their ex, compare potential partners to their old lover, or be scared to open up to a new relationship.

The obsession with the past can result in the inability of these men to love and establish new relationships.

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