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How to Say I Love You in Hawaiian

35 Ways to Say I Love You in Hawaiian

The common way to say “I Love You” in Hawaiian is “Aloha wau iā ‘oe.” This phrase is composed of three words: “Aloha,” which is a term of affection and can mean love, “wau,” the word for “I,” and “iā ‘oe,” which means “you.”

Pronounced as “A-lo-ha vau ee-ah oi,” this phrase is a direct and heartfelt way to express love in Hawaiian.

The beautiful and rich Hawaiian language offers a multitude of expressions to convey this powerful emotion. Each phrase carries its unique nuance and depth, reflecting the culture’s profound respect and appreciation for love and relationships. 

35 Ways to Say I Love You in Hawaiian

Here are 35 various ways to express love in Hawaiian, and the meaning behind each phrase.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway to the islands, studying the language, or simply want to express your affection in a new and unique way, these Hawaiian phrases will add a touch of aloha to your expressions of love.

  1. Aloha wau ia ‘oe or Aloha au ia ‘oe” (I love you) – A straightforward way to express love in Hawaiian. It’s a direct translation of “I love you”.
  2. Aloha kāua” (Love between us) – Express a mutual love or a shared feeling of love between two people.
  3. Aloha aku no, aloha mai no” (I give my love to you, and you give your love to me) – Expresse a reciprocal love, highlighting the give-and-take nature of a loving relationship.
  4. Aloha nui loa” (Very much love) – A deep or intense love. It’s equivalent to saying “I love you very much” or “I love you a lot”.
  5. Aloha nō” (Yes, love) – A confirmation of love, often used in response to someone expressing their love.
  6. Aloha ‘oe” (You are loved) – A way to tell someone that they are loved. It’s a more indirect way of expressing love.
  7. Aloha pumehana” (Warm love) – A warm, affectionate love. It’s often used in letters or messages.
  8. Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi” (Love one another) – A call to love one another, often used in a broader, more universal context of love.
  9. Aloha no au ia ‘oe” (I love you truly) – A stronger affirmation of love, emphasizing the sincerity and depth of the speaker’s feelings.
  10. Aloha wau iā ʻoe kekahi” (I love you too) – A response to someone saying “I love you”. It’s a way to reciprocate their feelings.
  11. E hoomau maua kealoha” (May our love last forever) – A wish or hope that the love between two people will last forever.
  12. Eia au, eia ‘oe” (Here I am, here you are) – A recognition of the presence of each other. It’s a way to express that you’re there for each other.
  13. E male paha ‘oe iaʻu?” (Will you marry me?) – a proposal of marriage. It’s a way to express a deep commitment and desire to spend the rest of your life with the person.
  14. E ku’u aloha” (My love) – A term of endearment, similar to calling someone “my love” in English.
  15. Haʻo wau iā ‘oe” (I miss you) – A way to express longing or missing someone.
  16. Haʻo nui wau iā ‘oe” (I miss you a lot) – A stronger expression of missing someone.
  17. Ia iho ke aloha” (To my love) – Address someone you love. It’s similar to saying “To my love” in English.
  18. Ke aloha” (With love) – express love in a general sense. 
  19. Kipona aloha” (Deep love) – A deep, profound love. 
  20. Ku`uipo” (Sweetheart) – The word “Kuuipo” can be broken down into “ku’u,” which means “my,” and “ipo,” which means “sweetheart” or “lover.” It’s a term that signifies deep affection and personal attachment, similar to calling someone “my darling” or “my dear” in English. It’s a term that conveys not just love, but also a sense of belonging and intimacy.
  21. Ka honi mai me ke aloha” (With a kiss and love) – A way to express love with a kiss. It’s a romantic expression of love.
  22. Ku`u Lei” (My beloved) – Often used to refer to a loved one or a romantic partner. “Lei” is a garland or wreath of flowers in Hawaiian, often given as a symbol of affection.
  23. Ko`u Aloha” (My love) – Similar to calling someone “my love” in English.
  24. Mau Loa” (Forever love) – Express an eternal love, a love that will last forever.
  25. Me ke aloha” (With love) – When you say “me ke aloha,” you’re essentially wishing the recipient of your message the warmth and affection that comes with your love. It’s a way of sharing or spreading your love to others. 
  26. Ma’ane’i no ke aloha” (For love is here and now) – A reminder to appreciate and cherish the love that is present in the moment.
  27. Nani ‘oe” (You are beautiful) – This phrase is a compliment, expressing that the person is beautiful. It’s a way to express love through admiration.
  28. Na’u `oe” (You’re mine) – express love by claiming the person as your own. It’s a possessive expression of love.
  29. Nau ko`u aloha” (My love is yours) – your love belongs to the person. It’s a giving expression of love.
  30. No Kau a Kau” (Forever) – an eternal love, a love that will last forever.
  31. Nou No Ka Iini” (You are my desire) – a passionate expression of love.
  32. Nohea ʻoe” (You are so cute) – a compliment, expressing that the person is cute. It’s a way to express love through admiration.
  33. O ku’u aloha no ‘oe” (You are my love, indeed) – a confirmation of love, affirming that the person is indeed your love.
  34. Pilialoha” (Romantic love) – express a romantic love.
  35. Puni wau iā ‘oe” (I adore you) – adoration for the person. It’s a strong expression of love.

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