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You Are My Person Meaning

What Does It Mean When Someone Says “You Are My Person”?

You may be confused when someone said to you “You are my person”. The meaning of this intimate and sweet phrase“You are my person” depends on who says it to you and the situation where the speaker says it. 

Meaning of “You Are My Person”

“You are my person” has become popular over the years since Grey’s Anatomy aired in 2005. In the show, Meredith and Christina frequently use this phrase to express their strong friendship for each other.

Today, this phrase is often used as a term for endearment and friendship between friends, family members, and significant others. 

It has come to symbolize an unbreakable bond or connection between two people who are close to each other. The phrase also serves as a reminder that no matter what happens in life, you always have someone who will be there for you when you need them. 

Generally, there are 4 meanings of this phrase according to different speakers of relationship to you. It could imply several things like love, friendship, belonging, and protection. 

If you still don’t understand its meaning after reading this article, maybe you should directly ask the speaker to clarify the meaning of those words.

1. The Way Your Lover Express Their Love Feeling

Your lover (your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend) is the most important person to you. As every person can only engage in one relationship, “You are my person” could mean you’re the person the speaker chooses over everyone else.

When your lover says “You are my person” to you is to express his or her fondness for you, as well as the commitment to your relationship. It means you’re the most intimate person to your significant other in the world. 

Your lover loves, understands, and accepts you everything like no one else. For example, when you lose your temper or feel down, he may say “You are my person, and it is my responsibility to care for and protect you. Tell me what happened.”

When he speaks these words, it means he loves you, values your presence in his life, and believes that together you can confront any challenge, and overcome any obstacle.

Meanwhile, you may feel good when he says “You are my person” as it gives you confidence in your relationship and you’ll believe your love would last the rest of your lives.

2. FriendShip – Soulmate

When your best friend says “You are my person”, they are expressing their close bond to you, especially when they know you’re in a difficult time that you need help. Its definition is the next level of best friendship.

It’s a way of saying that you have an irreplaceable place in their life. They may be telling you that no matter what bad happens to you, you will remain important to them and they will always support you. You can understand it is a sign of true friendship and loyalty.

Meanwhile, it means that you are also the person whom they can rely on unconditionally. You will always be there for them because you understand them better than anybody else. They will come to you first when they require assistance, advice, or a shoulder to cry on because you understand them as they understand you.

3. Protection

“You are my person” could also mean the speaker is willing to protect you under their wing when you’re not strong. 

For example, when you do something bad in your job and are blamed by the supervisor of another department, the supervisor of your department may say “You are my person” to you and “He is my person” to that supervisor to protect you. 

It means your supervisor is willing to take responsibility for you, and ensure that you are not punished or treated unfairly by others. 

4. Belonging (Selfish Manner)

“You are my person” could also be a bad phrase, when it means you’re exclusive to someone and under their authority. They decide what you should do as you are subject to them.

In this condition, when someone says “You are my person”, act like the ownership over a person, like you introduce your dog to someone “It’s my dog”.

This is disrespectful because it ignores a person’s personality and thoughts.

Where is “You are my person” Originally Come From

“You are my person” comes from Grey’s Anatomy, where Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey are best friends, and they refer to each other as their person. We can understand that they’re each other’s people and you may notice this phrase repeated several times between them.

In this show, “You are my person” implies a close friendship.

This phase first appeared in the second season of “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2005. Cristina informs Meredith that she has listed her name and phone number as an emergency contact. Cristina says “The clinic has a policy. They wouldn’t let me confirm my appointment unless I designated an emergency contact person… You’re my person”.

Meredith immediately gets what it means, and responds “I am?”

In 3rd season, Cristina says: “She’s my person. If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She’s my person.” And Meredith responds: “You’re my sister. You’re my family. You’re all I’ve got.”

Their friendship is unbreakable and their relationship is beyond the definition of a friend. No words can describe the unconditional friend love they share unless “You are my person”, which means one that you can turn to for everything, and the other person understands what you’re thinking or feeling and will accept you for who you are and do anything for you.

Final Thought

By saying “You are my person” can strengthen your relationship with one another. Hope you can find your person in your life, and they will be the one to be your shoulder when you are sad and lonely.

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