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Yuh meaning

Yuh Meaning: Texting, Snapchat, TikTok & More

Yuh is a slang word often used in texting and social media, and it is simply another way to say “Yes.” 

It is similar to “yeah,” which is also another way to say “yes,” and both yuh and yeah are used in casual conversations. However, yuh has a slightly more attitude in its sound when compared to yeah. 

At first, yuh was considered a misspelling of yea, but later, it was popularized by famous singers and artists, such as Ariana Grande and Doja Cat.

Yuh meaning Yeah

How to Use Yuh in Text

Obviously, you can use yuh when someone asks you something and your answer is affirmative and you wish to respond in a casual or enthusiastic manner. 

Here are some text examples.

  • Friend: “Hey, are you still up for drinks tonight?” 
  • You: “Yuh! Can’t wait to go out and have some fun!”


  • Friend: “Ice cream or cake for dessert?”
  • You: “Tough choice… Yuh, let’s go with ice cream!”

Other Meanings

In Jamaica, people use “yuh” to say “you” or “your.” The meaning of this word may also vary not only depending on the location where you use it but also how you use it. For example, if you say “yuh uh,” it means “so what.”  


There are multiple alternatives to “yuh,” all of which have a similar meaning:

  • Yup/yep
  • sure
  • for sure
  • uh-huh
  • aye
  • yeah
  • (you) bet
  • totally
  • absolutely


Yuh is a popular way to say “yes” or “yeah,” but with more attitude. However, it can also mean something else. For example, in Jamaican dialect, it can also mean you/your. Use it in casual conversations with people when you want to sound chill and cool. 

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