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Blog Yoani Sanchez out of Cuba

Yoani Sanchez, theBOBs winner in 2008 for her blog, has won BlogHer‘s International BlogHer Activist Award. Now there’s a blogging campaign underway to convince Cuban authorities that Yoani should be allowed to leave the country to take part in the BlogHer conference next month in San Diego.

When Yoani won theBOBs three years ago, we also would have loved to have been able to host her. Instead we got this video message:


Yoani continues to be an inspiration to everyone at theBOB, so we hope you’ll take part and – at the very least – let Yoani know you support her. We certainly think she should be able to travel to the conference – and anywhere else she wants to go, anytime she wants to go there.

Find out more and take part: Let’s blog Yoani to BlogHer