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There are 20 categories in a total of 14 languages in The Bobs. Submissions can be in the any of the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Of the 20 categories in The Bobs, six are multilingual and 14 are language-specific. That means the six main categories will contain projects, sites and campaigns nominated any of The Bobs languages and will be evaluated in relation to the category’s other nominees. The language-specific categories will be reserved to a single language.

One Jury Award and one People’s Choice Award will be awarded in each of the six multilingual categories – both awards can go to the same blog. Only the People’s Choice Awards, decided by online voting, will be awarded in the language-specific categories.

The six main, multilingual categories
(Jury & People’s Choice Awards)

  • Best Blog
    This is the place for the blogs whose content and design do an exemplary job of promoting and protecting human rights as well as initiating and fostering open discussion of topics that are of social and public importance.
  • Best Innovation
    In the Best Innovation category, the search is on for software solutions, applications or Internet platforms that dedicate themselves to providing the technology that enables people to improve society and democratic social integration.
  • Best Social Activism
    The winner here will be an initiative that makes exemplary use of social media, networks and other forms of digital communication to bolster democracy, freedom and human rights. Advertising and marketing campaigns run by companies or organizations are excluded from this category.
  • Reporters Without Borders Award
    In cooperation with Reporters Without Borders, this special award honors blogs that take a strong stance for freedom of information and expression around the world. It also honors bloggers who dare to spread information under daunting circumstances.
  • Global Media Forum Award
    The focus for the 2014 Global Media Forum Award will be sites that examine how interconnectedness, interactivity and participation influence and spur on the democratic process. “From information to participation – challenges for the media” is the focus of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, which runs from June 30 to July 2 in Bonn, Germany.
  • Most Creative and Original
    This is the category for sites that take a creative and entertaining approach to serious topics. The focus here is on the innovative and surprising way socially relevant topics are handled and presented. Special attention will also be given to the visual and artistic presentation.

Language-specific categories

(People’s Choice Award only)

Here we’re looking for the best websites in each of The Bobs 14 languages. Special attention will be given to sites that initiate discussions and provide top-quality analysis and commentary on current events.

There are no limits on the types of sites allowed in the language-specific categories. They are open to blogs, websites, microblogs, videos and podcasts.