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There are 18 categories in a total of 14 languages in The Bobs. Submissions can be in any of the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Of the 18 categories in The Bobs, four are multilingual and 14 are language-specific. That means the four multilingual categories will contain projects, sites and campaigns nominated any of The Bobs languages and will be evaluated in relation to the category’s other nominees. The 14 language-specific categories will be reserved to a single language.

One Jury Award and one User Award will be given out in each of the four multilingual categories. The winners of the 14 language-specific categories will be determined solely  by an online vote.

In addition to The Bobs’ 18 categories, Deutsche Welle will hand out the Freedom Of Speech Award. This honor will go to a person or initiative that takes an exemplary stand for human rights and freedom of expression in the digital world.

The multilingual categories

  •       Social Change

This category honors projects that effectively promote socially relevant issues, such as education, equality, economic development, health and climate protection to name just a few. The winner here uses digital advances to have a positive influence on the world and push for social change.

  •       Tech for Good

Data protection, freedom of information and promoting open content are at the heart of cyberculture. Whether it’s using apps, software, online services, informative websites, this category puts the focus on protecting privacy, online security and data protection. This category is also open to other innovative tools, such as projects that help people fight corruption and circumvent censorship.

  •       Arts and Culture

This category will honor artistic and cultural projects that do an exceptional job of using digital communications to convey their own interpretation of socially relevant issues.

  •    Citizen Journalism

This award salutes the people engaging in courageous journalism and creating innovative projects that explore and explain complex issues and create counterpublics. Special attention will be given to projects and websites that take advantage of all forms of online participation.

14 Language-specific categories
(Users’ Award only)

Here we’re looking for the best websites in each of The Bobs 14 languages. Special attention will be given to sites that initiate discussions and provide top-quality analysis and commentary on current events.

There are no limits on the types of sites allowed in the language-specific categories. They are open to blogs, websites, microblogs, videos and podcasts.