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Dhiora Bintang was born on December 26, 1989 in Sukabumi, Indonesia. His interest and passion for writing brought him numerous honors. This personal blog features him blogging on peace and pluralism issues in Indonesia.


Daeng Gassing

Blogging about daily life from Makassar. This blog covers everyday life in the city of Makassar. Daeng Gassing invites readers to explore Makassar, to get to know the culture, the daily life of its people and the region’s culinary specialties.


Una Vida Escrita de la Una

The author finds it hard to share her thoughts with others. That’s why she writes a blog to express her views on everything. This blog is updated almost daily, making it one of the most updated, visited and commented blogs. The author writes in simple language and describes the daily stories of her life in an amusing way.


GreenPress Blog

This blog was built in 2007 and is independently managed by Marwan Azis with editors and other journalists involved as contributors. This blog serves as an alternative media outlet. Its goal is to distribute information about the environment and climate change to the wider public. This blog uses a multimedia approach with video and photos in almost every post.


Sosial & Budaya

This is a blog that focuses on social and culture issues. The author started writing a blog because he’s concerned about social values ​​and culture that are ignored by today’s youth.


Life is a journey

Junanto Herdiawan works as an economist in Tokyo. He writes analysis about the economy of east Asia, especially Japan and China. In his blog, he discusses everyday life in Japan, culture, technology, economics and social issues. He also shares his enjoyment in traveling and culinary experiences. He said he wants his blog to make others happier.


Catatan Sawali Tuhusetya

Catatan Sawali Tuhusetya is a blog on education, language and Indonesian literature. The author writes about education, language, literature, culture, civilization and the various phenomena that he describes as “sick.”


Komunitas Blogger Papua

News and updates from Papua, organized by blogging community from the most eastern area of Indonesia, Papua. This blog and its community have mission to develop information technology skills of Papuans and to promote Indonesian culture, especially the culture of Papua. It is also a forum for bloggers in Papua to meet each other.


Guru Kreatif

The author of Guru Kreatif writes about the education and shares his educational experience. In his blog, he also gives tips on how to be a creative teacher and also how to work creatively with students.


Protes Publik is a forum for the public to ask questions, protest and to find a solution for real life problems in the virtual world. It’s also a means of communication to solve problems consumers have with industry and government. The government and companies can also use the portal as a “bridge” to perform public consultation, socialization and settlement of disputes related to the policy or products or services they offer.


Blog Pendidikan

The author works as a teacher at a school in Kunungkidul, Yogyakarta. In his blog he writes his experiences as a teacher, the problems faced by schools and teachers and about education in Indonesia.