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Здесь в… Блог Стаса Кулеша

Vicariously live the romantic and worry-free life of a world traveler. Moscow today, China tomorrow and New Zealand the day after. While many people dream of traveling the world, few take the chance to live such a life. Stas Kulesch is one of the people who made the leap. Born in Russia, he’s lived for over six years in New Zealand and keeps up a blog where he shows videos of his live on the other side of the world and shares his thoughts on dreams and making them come true.


Заброшенные здания, бомбоубежища, военные объекты, мертвая техника и многое другое

The brave blogger and photographer Iana_sator takes her camera on visits to rundown buildings, air raid bunkers, tunnels and military bases that are officially off-limits but hardly – if at all – watched. She caused a ruckus with a series of pictures of ”Energomasch,” an operation near Moscow that produced ballistic missile engines. With other bloggers, Iana_sator walked freely around the grounds for five nights in a row and later published about 100 pictures of the facility on her blog. The incident caused a major scandal and showed how poorly Russian military secrets are guarded.

 1230 is a community whose participants offer an alternative look at the day’s events. They blog and discuss new events and facts they discover on the World Wide Web. The spectrum of topics is wide and ranges from music and design to history and current political events in Russia. The entire community of some 35,000 bloggers ensures the quality of post and comments.


Записки мизантропа

Andrey Malgin is a journalist, writer and blogger. In the 1980s and ’90s he worked as the editor of several liberal political magazines. After the fall of the Soviet Union he served for a short time as a representative in the Moscow city parliament. At the beginning of the 2000s he began his literary work. His political novel ”Presidential Advisor” was well received. Malgin originally began his blog to plug his book, but over time he established it – and himself – among the most popular for people interested in politics. Malgin is not a career politician, but his liberal ideas and critical observations hold sway – a fact made evident by the numerous attacks that have been made on his blog and email accounts in recent years.


Комбат. Made in USSR. Блог бывалого дальнобойщика для души и работы.

Everything you wanted to know about the life, interests and problems confronting a long-distance truck driver. The site contains information about security procedures during trips, the history of automobiles, personal experiences and photo reports of being on the road. The blog has a modest but loyal and communicative community of readers.


Казарма-блог Real Army

Russian military forces are among the most sealed off in the world. With the exception of the occasional report on hazing, what happens in individual army units remains hidden from the public. This blog’s authors encourage military personnel to share their experiences and thoughts about the military of the present and the future. Anonymity is granted to contributors and the blog’s authors also monitor other relevant blogs and social networks to provide a summary of discussions. The blog is part of a portal that offers legal advice to military conscripts.


Любовь к истории. Блог Бориса Акунина

Boris Akunin is a famous Russian writer. His detective novels are set apart by their interesting and smartly developed subjects SUJETS, which are among the most important events in 19th century Russian history. In his blog, Akunin posts about topics related to history, including the birth of Russian civil society – which he experienced in Moscow in December 2011. When mass demonstrations broke out in Russia following the parliamentary election in December, he left the novel he was working on in Paris and returned to Russia to support his countrymen. Akunin quickly became a symbolic figure for the protest movement and his blog an important discussion platform.


Твиттер-аккаунт Ксении Собчак

From and It Girl to the face of the Russian opposition movement – not just anybody would be able to change her image as quickly as Xenia Sobtschak. Previously known as the Russian Paris Hilton, Sobtschak used to moderate a reality TV show, now she is the host of a political talk show shown on the website of the hi-quality magazine The change came for Xenia Sobtschak when she joined the protest movement over voter fraud during parliamentary elects in December. A her first speech she was whistled away from the microphone, at the second she was cheered. As a person full of contrast, her personality garners a large amount of attention. Her Twitter account is one f the most-read in Russia.


Тот самый Терновский

The blogger and photographer Dmitry Ternowsky called on the blogger community to turn Russia into a “country without acts of idiocy.” He means the daily problems that exist because of arbitrariness, corruption and simple stupidity of Russian officials. Examples include unjust bans on photography and the confiscation of public parking areas by dubious companies that demand parking fees of the public. Ternowsky presents problems and issues in the blogosphere to attract media attention and has already tasted success: the photography ban on the Kremlin grounds has been lifted.


tema’s Jounal

A blog by Artemij Lebedew, the founder of the design agency of the same name and which has taken on cult status in Russia for its creative Web design solutions. The Lebedew studio developed the interface for the search engine and an advertising campaign for the Bolschoi Theater, among other projects. Despite fame and international success, Artemij Lebedew avoids the public and refuses all contact with the media. Lebedew presents his view of the world on his blog – generally in ironic or even derisive way.


Egor’s Journal

Up-to-the-minute, biting and humorous caricatures, comics and animations based on current events in Russia and the world. After the cartoons ”Angry Birds” as a parody of regime change in North Africa and ”12 Years of Putin in 2 Minutes” the talented Web designer and artist Egor Zhgun made a name for himself outside the Russian blogosphere.