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مدونة أحمد جدو

A Mauritanian blogger, who brings issues from his distant country to the general Arab audience. He also frequently comments on events taking place other Arab countries.



7iber is a very lively and active Jordanian blog with frequent updates and very good design.


قرأت لك

Qaratolk is an Algerian blog whose name translates to “I’ve read this for you.” The authors write book reviews and interview young writers.


عصام الزامل

A Saudi blogger’s view of the economy. Essam al Zamel’s posts are mainly analytical looks at the Saudi economy but he also evaluates other Arab nations from time to time.


إنتفاضة المرآة في العالم العربي

A blog about women’s rights in the Arab world that started in November 2011 as a way of strengthening the Arab uprising. The site lists their stories of women from a variety of Arab countries to raise general public awareness about what women are doing. The authors are also active on Facebook and asking people to participate by posting their own photos with slogans of support. The group calls for freedom and safety for women in the Arab world.


أمواج أسبانية في فرات الشام

The main author of this blog is a Syrian living in Spain, he normally writes about the events taking place in the Arab world with a special focus on Syria – especially with the ongoing revolution there.



A Moroccan website with a number of young authors writing in posts about politics and citizen movements in Arabic and French. Mamfakinch keeps an eye on the Moroccan political uprising and is dead set on changing the status quo. The activists call for more democracy, political reforms and better perspectives for people in the country. Mamfakinch aims to provide alternative reporting on societal issues.


مدونة زكي

Ahmed Zaky is an Egyptian blogger living in London. He comments about the political and social issues taking place in his country.


سيرة لاجيء

A Palestinian student living in Cairo. His posts touch on various issues in different Arab countries and run the gamut from the Egyptian revolution to the situation in Palestine as well as Lebanese issues. Quality of posts is very good with some focus on freedom and human rights.


من شؤؤننا وشجوننا

A group of Somali bloggers covering the different issues taking place in their country.