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وحید آنلاین

Vahid Online is by far one of the most followed Iranian on almost any social network.  He reads the news unlike anyone else and is considered by many of his 23,000 followers as the source for daily news and information. Vahid had to flee Iran after he was tracked down for his activities during the early post-election period. By that time he acted as a source of information for the media outside Iran regarding the developments inside the country. He was almost shot while escaping from the border police on a donkey.

علیرضا 24

Alireza 24 is a well-known Persian video blogger. He enjoys 40,00+ followers on Facebook and 12,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Alireza 24’s videos cover issues of general interest to the Iranian audience on the Internet.

نیما اکبرپور

Nima Akbarpour is a well-known BBC Persian TV personality. He is the presenter and producer of Persian Click, a tech show. His 15,000+ followers find personal posts on his Twitter account as well links related to his programs.


Tehraner is group project, focused on pointing out what is happening in Tehran. Tehraner’s Twitter account is accompanied by the website, both of which contain references to cultural events in Tehran.

اتوال فی

Etoilefille blogs on Instagram. She posts one picture every day. The pictures are often composed several other images and follow with a long text. She has over 1,000 followers on Instagram and her posts are liked by at least 100 of his followers. Etoilefille writes about her own life, her studies, and her day job.

هدی رستمی

Hoda Rostami is a photographer. She posts her photographs on Facebook, where her 5,000+ followers like her work and re-share it.

حنیف بهاری

Hanif Bahari publishes his cartoons on Facebook.


Khabgard is a well-known Persian blogger. His taste on his Google+ account has attracted thousands of followers.

سپینود ناجیان

Sepinod Nadjian is a poet, author, and blogger based in Iran. Her 6,000+ followers find content related to books and literature on her Google+ account.


Spidermard is a Persian blogger and social network personality. His twitter account contains postings about everything and nothing in particular. His 5,000+ followers favourite and re-tweet his content.