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Toons Magazine

Toons magazine covers the main stories of the day using cartoons. It dares to publish sarcastic cartoons of politicians. In September 2007, Arifur Rahman, a cartoonist and the site’s publisher, was arrested and jailed in Bangladesh because one of his cartoons was alleged to have defamed the Prophet Muhammad. The blogger has been living in Norway since 2010.


Leaving the voice…

Mainuddin Mainul writes blogs to express his perceptions and beliefs. One of his most-read blog posts was about 2012 Nobel Literature Prize winner Mo Yan. His blog site is a hub of versatile content. Mainul dreams of a society where people with all religious beliefs can live together.



Indian blogger Garga Chatterjee runs this blog. His posts include political analysis of the situation in India and Bangladesh. Garga often focuses on the root of the problems making the headlines in the Bengali-speaking region. He travels to Bangladesh often and is one of the few bloggers promoting cultural bonds between Bengalis living in Bangladesh and West Bengal.


Shammi Haque

Activist Shammi Haque is a voice against injustice in Bangladesh. She came to the fore during the Shahbag protests in 2013. The protests started by demanding capital punishment for war criminals. The protests gained widespread public support and soon turned into a movement calling for a secular Bangladesh. Shammi was badly beaten by police in public in 2013 for her activism. She is now involved in a movement calling for the punishment for the killers of the blogger Avijit Roy.


Arif R. Hossain

Arif R Hossain is considered to be one of the most popular Facebook users in Bangladesh. He often creates connections between online and offline activism. He regularly picks issues that are trending in the Bengali speaking region and writes posts about those trends. His posts may look like stories at first glance, but they contain profound messages that convince people to get involved.