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TSALIM is a science blog/website run by several scientists trying to promote interest in science through their various blog projects.


Naari is a website that deals with and critically analyses women’s news.

सर्प संसार

A website full of information about snakes made for a country where superstitions about the reptiles abound. World of Snakes works to demystify snakes and do away with irrational beliefs by confronting them with hard, scientific facts. Facts like: no matter what impression Bollywood might try to make, humans cannot turn into snakes and snakes cannot turn into humans.

मैंने रिश्वत दी

I Paid a Bribe has been promoting anti-corruption practices since 2008 by encouraging people to report when, where and for what government service they paid a bribe. Users describe their experiences and also name the officer who accepted their money. The site also offers a corruption pricelist and lets users publish the names of honest officials as well.

अन्ना हजारे

Anna Hazare is a famous anti-corruption activist in India. His movement against corruption shook the Indian government and forced it to think about the “Lokpal,” or an ombudsman, who would monitor corruption in public offices.


A science blog that tries to simplify concepts and present them to young readers in a way that they can be easily understood.

चोखेर बाली

A community blog in Hindi which discusses women’s issues in India

औरत की हकीकत

This is a feminist website that speaks about women’s issues in India.  The website also addresses legal issues.

मोहल्ला लाइव

Mohalla live (मोहल्ला लाइव) is a site for debate and discussion in Hindi. This website is focused on society, politics, cinema, literature and the media. This began as a community blog to provide uncensored and equal opportunities for debate and discussion in Hindi. Soon it became a movement and inspired many other Hindi language bloggers to express themselves.

आधारभूत ब्रह्माण्ड

This is a unique blog which deals with science issues, particularly with scientific concepts and all that is happening in the universe.