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ASF meaning in text

What Does ASF Mean? Text, TikTok, and More

Did you notice how some slang words and abbreviations become popular for a while and then disappear? On the other hand, some stay popular, and people keep using them over and over again. One such example is “asf,” which is short for “as fuc*.”

“As fuc*” phrase is used when people want to emphasize the intensity of something. For example, if you say, “It is cold as fuc*,” it means it is extremely cold. 

In general, people use asf when they want to say that something has extreme characteristics. In other words, asf is a general intensifier.  

ASF Meaning in Text, TikTok

ASF Origins

Surprisingly, this phrase dates way back, much before social media. The first documented uses of asf were in the 1970s. This phrase was mostly used as a part of the street language, and for a long time, it wasn’t widely known among the general population.

Of course, in the 2000s and 2010s, when texting and social media platforms became popular, as fuc* quickly became one of the favorite phrases. Since there was a character limit on most texting and social media platforms, users shortened as fuc* to “af” and “asf.”

Nowadays, asf is widely used on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other platforms. It has become one of the favorite phrases among people of all ages and genders, and you can see it whenever you go to the comment section.  

@carolinakowanz AF *informal* abbreviation #english #internet #ingles #learnenglish #inglesonline ♬ original sound – Carolina Kowanz

ASF Other Meanings

This abbreviation can also have other meanings. Maybe you won’t see “asf” used for those other meanings very often, but you should still know those meanings. When you know all of the meanings of a phrase, you are safe from potential misunderstandings:

  • Age, sex, from – used when meeting someone online
  • Apache Software Foundation – a non-profit software organization 
  • Advanced Systems Format and Advanced Streaming Format – types of files and file extensions
  • African Swine Fever – a contagious viral disease affecting wild and domesticated pigs
  • And So Forth – another way to say “et cetera”

When texting someone, you probably won’t use asf as an abbreviation for African swine fever or Apache Software foundation, but knowing these alternative meanings can be useful. 

Examples of ASF Use

The best way to use asf is when you are texting or posting something on social media, especially when you want to express the intensity of something. For example:

  • “The exam was hard asf. How many questions did you answer?”
  • “I went to see the movie and it was brutal asf.”
  • “OMG, I just matched with a guy on Tinder, and he is hot asf.”
  • “She is still mad asf. You should apologize ASAP.”
  • “You must be crazy asf if you think I would do that.”

As you can see, asf should be used for casual conversations with your friends and other people you are close with. You shouldn’t use it in formal conversations. Instead, choose some more appropriate words, such as “very” or “extremely.”


In the past few years, asf has become a part of another extremely popular phrase, “me asf” or “me af”, which means this is very like me. In both of its versions, the “me asf” phrase is used when someone wants to say that they strongly relate to someone or something. 

For example, if you see a meme with a sleepy cat, and you comment on it with “me asf,” it means you are also extremely sleepy. In most cases, you should use “me asf” when someone sends you a relatable meme or video. Very rarely will “me asf” be appropriate in a regular dialogue.  Maybe it could work in conversations like this one:

  • Friend: “Omg I just heard a crazy story about a man who deleted his social media, quit his job, and went to live in the woods.”
  • You: “LOL me asf.” 

Alternatives and Variations

Instead of asf, you can also use several other phrases that have similar meanings:

  • af – just like asf, it is short for “as fuc*”
  • as hell
  • hella
  • mad 
  • friggin
  • ultra
  • mega
  • super
  • really
  • deadass
  • next level
  • buckwild

All these slang terms can be used to express the intensity. They are also all popular in texting and social media, so no matter which one you choose, you won’t make a mistake! 


Asf is the abbreviation of “as fuc*,” a favorite phrase among social media users, especially the young population. This phrase is used to accentuate the intensity of something and express strong feelings or emotions. For example, “funny asf” or “cold asf.”  

Asf can also mean several other things, and you should learn these other meanings just in case. Of course, the exact meaning of this abbreviation will depend on the context, and it’s not so hard to figure it out.

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