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Brazilian Butt Lift

What Does BBL Mean? TikTok, Text, and More

If you are online fairly often, you probably see people talking about BBL all the time. But do you know what it means? 

On TikTok, BBL is short for Brazilian Butt Lift, and it is the name for a cosmetic procedure that lifts the butt and makes it bigger. It’s a trend that many people discuss, especially when they’re talking about body image and beauty standards online.

It can also mean “Be Back Later” in texting, which is a quick way to let others know that they’re stepping away from their device but intend to return after a while. 

Of course, there are other alternative meanings of BBL. Let’s see more about it.

BBL meaning Brazilian Butt Lift

What Is BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

Cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing butts have existed for several decades. However, they became popularized in the early 2010s, when Kardashians first became popular. The sisters from this family, especially Kim, attracted the attention because of their large butts.

As a result, having a large butt has become the newest craze among women. Until then, large breasts were extremely popular, but now they have become overshadowed by another body part. 

Since not everyone could have a large butt naturally, many women chose to enlarge their posteriors surgically. One of the most popular methods to do it is through Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL. 

In this procedure, surgeons take the excess fat from the waist, tummy, and legs and then inject it into the buttocks. This procedure is completely different than butt implants, where silicone pads are implanted into the buttocks. In other words, BBL uses material that already exists in the body – fat. 

Even though the trends are shifting again, with many women getting skinny again, BBLs remain popular. There is also a lot of speculation that most famous celebrities and influencers have done it, and it seems that more and more “regular” women are also undergoing this procedure. 

Why BBL Is Popular On TikTok?

In this age when cosmetic procedures are completely normalized, when you hear or read about BBL on TikTok, you can be 99,99% certain that it means “Brazilian Butt Lift.”

TikTokers are showing their followers the before and after results of their BBL cosmetic procedure. 

The hashtag for BBL has 11.1 billion views on TikTok by the data of Jan 18, 2024, which means that BBL has become a phenomenon on the platform, indicative of the impact that beauty and body trends have on social media. 

BBL on TikTok has gained popularity for multiple reasons:

1. Viral Transformation Journeys

Personal transformation stories are compelling and have a high potential of going viral. Users documenting their entire BBL journey, from the decision-making and surgery to the recovery and final results, create a narrative that viewers want to follow, leading to a series of connected and increasingly popular posts.

2. Market Demand

Many users on TikTok share their journeys to feeling more confident in their bodies after a BBL, which resonates with followers who may have similar insecurities or body image goals.

When they watch these TikTok videos, they see how the BBL changes the way people look, making them have a tiny waist and larger hips. 

This curvy look being all over TikTok means more people want to get a BBL to look that way too. They might think having this body shape will make them feel better about themselves or more liked by others.

And when lots of people want to look a certain way, doctors who do BBL surgery might show more ads or talk about good results from their patients. This makes even more people think about getting the surgery, and the popularity keeps growing. 

So on TikTok, the more videos there are of people happy with their new BBL look, the more other women want to try it too. 

3. The Power of Real

Authentic, personal anecdotes about BBLs can be more influential than general information. TikTok users sharing their real experiences, with all the ups and downs, can have a powerful impact on viewers’ perceptions and decisions regarding the procedure.

4. Celebrity Influence

Celebrities and influencers often share their cosmetic procedures online, including BBLs, thus normalizing and glamourizing the procedure.

5. Peer Community

TikTok allows users to find a community of people with shared interests, including those interested in or who have undergone BBLs. This community offers support, advice, and shared experiences.

6. The Hashtag Effect

With hashtags, TikTok helps to amplify trends. The #BBL hashtag allows users to easily find and contribute to the content pool about Brazilian Butt Lifts, snowballing the trend.

7. Edu-tainment

Some users and healthcare professionals use the platform to educate viewers about the procedure, offering insights into the process, risks, recovery, and realistic expectations. 

This educational content is often delivered in an entertaining and easily digestible format, which makes it accessible to a wide audience.

8. Challenges and Memes

BBL-related trends, including challenges and memes, contribute to its popularity. Sometimes these are light-hearted, poking fun at the recovery process or life changes post-BBL, while other times they may highlight the perceived necessity of fitting a certain beauty standard to feel accepted.

9. Affordability and Access

As the procedure becomes more common, it has become more accessible and affordable for regular women. Discussions about cost, financing, and travel for cosmetic surgery are also popular on the platform, further driving interest.

BBL Sexual Meaning

In sexual contexts or dating apps, BBL can have these meanings:

  • Bareback Lover: An explicit term that refers to a person who prefers sex without using a condom, which is known as “barebacking.” 
  • Big Booty Latina: A woman of Latino descent who has a large butt.
  • Big Butt and Legs: This phrase simply describes a person’s physical traits, referring to the size of their buttocks and legs.

Other Meanings of BBL

BBL can also mean several other things:

  • Be Back Later: Mostly used in chatting when going offline and will return later.
  • Barrel of Crude Oil: A unit symbol in the oil industry.
  • Various basketball leagues, such as the British Basketball League, Basketball Bundesliga, Baltic Basketball League, etc.
  • IATA code for Ballera Airport in Durham, Australia.

Except for “be back later,” you probably won’t use other meanings of BBL. Still, it is good to know them, just in case. By learning alternative meanings of such abbreviations, you can avoid various misunderstandings. 

How to Use BBL in Text

As you have learned the different meanings of BBL, here are some examples of how to use them in text.

Brazilian Butt Lift

When you want to talk about the Brazilian Butt Lift, you can use BBL like this:

  • “I have been going to the gym for a year now, and my butt is still not big enough. Maybe I should get a BBL.”
  • “Did you see her lately? She looks like she got a BBL?”
  • “It seems that all girls have BBLs now. You can no longer see a girl with a flat butt.”
  • “Is that a filter, or did you get a BBL?”
  • “She wants to get a BBL but needs to save money first.”

Be Back Later

If someone types “BBL” in a chat, they’re just saying they’re going to be away for a bit but they’ll come back to continue the conversation later on.

And if you want to use BBL as “be back later” in text, you can do it this way:

  • “I gotta go now, my mom is calling me. BBL.”
  • “When we last spoke, he said he had things to do and that he’ll BBL.”
  • “My class will start soon, BBL.”

Barrel of Crude Oil

Are you talking about oil and its prices? Do you wonder how to use BBL in that context? Look at these examples:

  • “Did you hear that oil is now $100/bbl? It’s insane!”
  • “They found an oil well behind their house, with over 200 bbls already extracted.”
  • “If this continues, the price of oil per bbl will rise even further.”

Big Booty Latina

Did you meet a gorgeous Latina with curves in all the right places? Here it is a sexualized slang term.

Use BBL like this:

  • “Have you seen that girl with Carlos? I don’t know how he found such a BBL!”
  • “Sophia Vergara is so beautiful, a true BBL!”
  • “I usually date white girls, but would like to meet a BBL.”


BBL is the acronym for “Brazilian Butt Lift” on TikTok, and it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there. This procedure involves taking fat from various patient’s body parts and then putting it into the buttocks. As a result, the patient will have a larger and lifted butt without implants. 

Additionally, BBL can stand for several other things. For example, it can mean “be back later,” which is a popular phrase used in texting and chatting online. It can also mean a barrel of crude oil, a big booty Latina, and several other things. You will be able to understand the true meaning based on the context. 

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