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Melancholie Modeste

The stories that end up writing your life.

KleinerDrei <3

Kleiner Drei, or less than three, is German for the Internet’s heart emoji – <3 and provides a critical-feminist view of events in Germany that moves away from the feminism of the 70s and 80s as well as their views on everything from pop culture to daily life and anything else that sparks one of the 9 writer’s interest.

ICC Observer

Benjamin Dürr reports on what’s happening at the International Criminal Court, a body that is too often forgotten.

Frl Krise

Frl. Krise, Miss. Krise, is a blog run by a now-retired teacher who taught in a “troubled school.” She writes about her daily life, her students and what becomes of them. It’s a tough, moving and thoughtful look at the problems faced by young people with few perspectives for the future.

De Lege Data

It didn’t take the NSA scandal for Germans to care about data protections – they’ve been concerned about it for decades. Carlo Piltz tries to explain what the law and politics mean when it comes to people and the data that’s gathered about them.