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Yüksekova Haber

This news site remains one of the few reliable sources from Kurdish lands in Turkey. It maintains professional journalistic standards and provides news from local citizens and professional journalists.

Ötekilerin Postası

This is a project that merges activism and citizen journalism. It relies on its Twitter and Facebook pages. Its Facebook pages are continuously closed for no explicit reasons but new pages appear with thousands of fans. With at least 20 volunteers at the editorial desk, Ötekilerin Postası informs the public on nearly all activism and related news in Turkey.


Among many sites related to Gezi protests, this is a minimalist blog that contains hundreds of photos that can easily be found and used.


Although similar data-based sites that can be found in Western countries, this is a unique site in Turkey. It presents visually appealing data from the Turkish Parliament. The data is made quantifiable by the site founders from the fragmented outputs of the parliament’s official website.

Kızlı Erkekli Ev

This blog appeared after Prime Minister Erdogan’s statements against co-ed habitation. This blog collects contributions from citizens who send photos and videos of living and staying together.