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مسیح علی‌نژاد

Masih Alinejad is well known for her criticism of the Iranian authorities. While a journalist in Iran she was a parliamentary reporter, before being banned from parliament in 2005for a report on a significant increase in deputies’ salaries, which had not been made public. She is now based outside Iran and maintains a blog in which she continues to bring issues of provinces and fringe groups into the public attention.

নিঝূম মজুমদারের ব্লগ

A lawyer living in London, Nijhoom writes about legal aspects of war crimes how Bangladesh could punish war criminals of the 1971 war of independence that claimed millions of lives in Bangladesh. Until 2013, the perpetrators of the atrocities went unpunished. Nijhoom is also very much involved with the 2013 Shahbag protests.

Живий журнал

Writing under the motto, “I know how things should be,” Olena Bilozerska enlightens readers on the events that don’t make it into mainstream media, including street protests and corruption cases. Bilozerska is known for her speed in getting the news and photos posted to her blog, which is among Ukraine’s most widely read.

Kelas Inspirasi

An Indonesian initiative to get young professionals to spend a day in a primary school to explain to students what kind of jobs are available to them. So far some 700 people, including architects, bank employees, graphics designers and communications consultants, have taken part in the Kelas Inspirasi initiative that aims to show children how important it is to have dreams and goals and how to turn them into reality.

ASA – Articulação do Semiárido

Northeastern Brazil is suffering under the 72nd major draught in the last 500 years. The ASA, a network of about 1,000 civil society organizations, works to show that nature is not responsible for the difficulties the semi-arid region presents. Instead of a policy of “fighting the draught” that drives corruption, clientelism and rural depopulation, the ASA supports gender equality and familiarity with the semi-arid zone.


Li Chengpeng is a book author and columnist. He is extremely popular among young Chinese and has millions of followers on China’s social media platform Weibo. He engaged in the research of collapsed schools after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, ran as an independent candidate for the local parliament in 2010, and wrote books on social critical topics. His new book “The whole world knows” was published this year and he was forbidden to talk at all book-signing events. The picture of him with a black mask and words written on his T-Shirt “I love you all” becomes a symbol for young Chinese who are fighting for their freedom of speech because “there is no other way out”.


A Moroccan website with a number of young authors writing in posts about politics and citizen movements in Arabic and French. Mamfakinch keeps an eye on the Moroccan political uprising and is dead set on changing the status quo. The activists call for more democracy, political reforms and better perspectives for people in the country. Mamfakinch aims to provide alternative reporting on societal issues.


A bewildering maze of subjects, from hackers profiling to medieval art on a platform featuring students and academics’ blogs. Is it boring? Not at all. Launched by a prestigious French institute of social sciences, this thriving and multilingual platform illustrates the current drive toward open knowledge, open culture, a general desire to break down boundaries between research, sciences, and the general public online.

Блог Доктор Z

“My hobby: anti-corruption investigations,” Doct-z said in his very first blog post, which was published in May 2012. An anonymous blogger and scientist, he had never been enthusiastic about Putin’s regime, but “the massive vote fraud” in favor of pro- Putin’s party United Russia in December 2011 prompted Doct-z to take action. One of the results of his investigative work led to the resignation of Duma deputy Vladimir Pekhtin, who had failed to mention over $2 million worth real estate abroad in a tax declaration. It was the first time a pro-Putin parliamentarian had to give up his mandate as a result of an investigation of an anti-corruption activist.

Tahrir Squared

News and curation focused on the Arab Uprisings as well as their effects around the world packaged in a well-designed site covering a diversity of issues and countries. Tahrir Squared has both English and Arabic content that is independent of governments and political parties.

Die Welt mit den Augen sehen –

Julia Probst is deaf and for her the Internet offers a wonderful opportunity for her to share her opinions, feelings and views. She uses her blog, Twitter (@EinAugenschmaus) and the entire Web to point out hindrances in daily life and structural problems. She opens people’s ear – and minds – using the Net.

मैंने रिश्वत दी

I Paid a Bribe has been promoting anti-corruption practices since 2008 by encouraging people to report when, where and for what government service they paid a bribe. Users describe their experiences and also name the officer who accepted their money. The site also offers a corruption pricelist and lets users publish the names of honest officials as well.


An investigative journalist, Jordi Perez Colomé covered and wrote books about US President Barack Obama presidential campaigns and now focuses on the US leader’s influence in the world. He also writes about micro-journalism. He has convinced his readers to donate the money needed to fund a trip to Israel and Egypt in what could be a new payment model for journalists.

Emrah Göker’in istifhanesi

Academician Emrah Göker writes a personal blog with not only to profile his own original content about sociology, politics and culture but also covers reviews about new books, article, films, and other blogs in the domain. His entries represent the spirit of blogging and are highly regarded in Turkish blogosphere.