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Mideast Youth

Mideast Youth is a collection of websites and applications that all amplify voices of dissent in the Middle East. The group behind the project have repeatedly come up with innovative and well-designed ways to address issues of freedom of expression, access to information and minority rights.



An independent online magazine and group blog written by a team of international journalists focused on the environment, development, politics, media and technology and human rights.


Bahrain Watch

A watchdog site run by an independent advocacy group that seeks to promote transparent and accountable governance in Bahrain. Bahrain Watch’s thorough research is well presented and its findings are comprehensible to readers around the world.


Me and My Shadow

Tactical Tech’s collective site helps Internet users visualize the traces of information they leave behind every time they go on the web. Me & My Shadow’s friendly graphics demystify often complex issues around online security and privacy.


Invisible People

Invisible People focuses on telling the stories of the raw and unedited homeless. The site comes with the warning that its stories could be offensive – and that it hopes readers will get mad enough to do something.


Tahrir Squared

News and curation focused on the Arab Uprisings as well as their effects around the world packaged in a well-designed site covering a diversity of issues and countries. Tahrir Squared has both English and Arabic content that is independent of governments and political parties.


My Heart’s in Accra

Ethan Zuckerman’s writings on a wide range of subjects related to development and technology; great writing/storytelling on often complex and unusual subjects for a general audience.


24 H in the Life of A Newsroom

The go-to spot on the web for journalists – or anyone else – looking for practical guides to the functioning of newsrooms in various media developed by professional journalists. 24 Hours in the Life of a Newsroom is available in five languages and features a simple idea beautifully executed with the potential to have a big impact.


Means of Exchange

An overview of emerging technologies and initiatives concerning economic self-sufficiency and local communities. Even though it’s easy to use, Means of Exchange is about more than growing your own vegetables.  It looks at the bigger picture of self-sufficiency while admitting that while most of us can lessen our dependence on the world economic system, few can completely avoid it.


Legacies of British Slave Ownership

A University of the City of London projects tracing the impact of slave-ownership on the formation of modern Britain. Site does a good job of presenting sound research on an important topic.