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Guinée plurielle

A talented blogger comments on current events in his restive country of Guinea. The West African country is currently preparing for elections.


Minisphère du chômage et des Idées reçues

A satirical blog about unemployment in France on a page created to look like the official site for the French Labor Ministry.


Marjorie Le Noan

Every Sunday, Mademoiselle Majorie posts a new ironic video about what happened to her during the week. It can include tips for falling asleep, her views on what’s buzzing about the Internet or commentary on the Oscars – the question is how much buzz Majorie will create on her own.


Vivre sans huile de palme

A journal about a personal challenge. One consumer decides to live without palm oil to take stand against deforestation. His blog has become an essential source of information on the topic.


Consommation collaborative

Consommation collaborative is one of the first and best-informed French information portals on the ‘Share’ and ‘co-‘ trends in consumption. Cars, home, holidays, meals, clothes, and even washing-machines:  every item and service can and should be shared to avoid waste, to fight discrimination, and to build sharing communities around shared things.


Vieux et merveilles…

Babeth’s diary takes a down-to-earth, view of caring for the elderly in France. The profiles she writes are of people she encounters in her daily life and while they are without compromise, they also are not tales of despair.



Portuguese and in Paris, Simao got caught up in the Instagram “craze” and has created a wonderful window into life in the French capital.


Les Erythréens

One of the few blogs about Eritrea, a country that gets very little international attention. It’s an African country where living conditions are hard and getting information is tough.


Quotidien de l’information de Gao

Oumarou Mohamed Lamine blogs and maintains a local radio program in Gao, in northern Mali. In a region torn by conflicts among Islamists, separatists and the central government, he provides everything from local news to the most current military operations. He describes himself as an “information soldier.”


Vis ma vie de stagiaire

Animated GIFs are making a comeback and an intern uses them to vent her frustrations at the craziness of work-a-day life.