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نه به حجاب اجباری

Na be hejab ejbari, Persian for “No to Imposed Veils,” is a Facebook page with around 40,00 subscribers. Its mission is to fight against forcing a dress code on Iranian women.

Лиза Алерт

An online alert and crowdsourcing platform for missed children and elderly people. Named after Liza Fomkina – a 5-year-old girl who died of hypothermia just one day before she was found in a forest where she had got lost. LizaAlert is an open platform where people can register as volunteers specifying their expertise and location. Parents can leave a missing child notice online or by calling a 24-hour hotline. A project coordinator on duty evaluates the information and decides if action should be taken. The coordinator then alerts local volunteers, informs local media and feeds social networks with information about the missed child. Since its launch in 2010 LizaAlert helped to find dozens of children.

লাকি আক্তার

Lucky Akter is the slogan-shouting voice of the youth-orchestrated Shahbag protest movement. Lucky mesmerized hundreds of thousands of protest participants and became – literally – one of the voices of the movement. Her passion earned her the nickname “Aginkonthi,” or “the lady with the fire in her voice.”

Рух Чесно

Рух Чесно is a movement by activists who use a blog to watch Ukrainian elected officials and judge their honesty or dishonesty. After parliamentary elections, the site said that more than 300 “dishonest” candidates were elected to office; it’s a fact that has only convinced the activists to continue their efforts.


Grandfathers get together at Iaioflautas to help their children have a better life. They say they are proud of young people’s movements struggling for democracy and social justice in the face of bankers and complicit politicians. Particularly in Spain, where young people have little in the way of work or perspectives, Iaioflautas can offer important support.

Água é de Todos

The Portuguese government’s announcement that it would speed up the privatization of water utilities led to the campaign “Water Belongs to Everyone.” The campaign has become a key to the movement for the defense of the public’s right to water. In February 2013, the organization presented a draft law with more than 40,000 signatures calling for the water supply to be kept in public hands.


Campact is a non-profit campaign organization that makes it easy for people to express their views on a wide variety of topics. It melds clicktivism with on-the-ground campaigns for change.

نتفاضة المرآة في العالم العربي

A blog about women’s rights in the Arab world that started in November 2011 as a way of strengthening the Arab uprising. The site lists their stories of women from a variety of Arab countries to raise general public awareness about what women are doing. The authors are also active on Facebook and asking people to participate by posting their own photos with slogans of support. The group calls for freedom and safety for women in the Arab world.


Just before the beginning of the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Political Consultative Conference, more than 100 Chinese citizens signed an open letter for the ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Some 15 years after China signed the agreement it has not been ratified as laws in China do not conform to the international standards on human rights set out in the covenant. After the open letter’s publication, all Chinese media were forbidden to mention the ICCPR, but by March 25 the letter was published eight times with 1,000 signatories, including many well-known intellectuals, writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and rights activists.


475 is a collective initiative by Moroccan youth to raise awareness on the plight of raped women forcibly married to their rapist, on account of Law 475, which allows a rapist to escape punishment by marrying his victim. Their campaign for Amina, one such victim who committed suicide in 2012, led to a crowdfunded documentary and a campaign on social media  – Facebook, Flickr – in French, English, Arabic. The Moroccan government has recently pledged to amend law 475.

Bahrain Watch

A watchdog site run by an independent advocacy group that seeks to promote transparent and accountable governance in Bahrain. Bahrain Watch’s thorough research is well presented and its findings are comprehensible to readers around the world.

चोखेर बाली

Chokher Bali literally means “a grain of sand in the eye.” In colloquial terms, this represents something, a person or an event which is a cause for irritation because it is not normal. Chokher Bali is a community blog which discusses women’s themes in India through articles, poems and discussions.

Savaş Karşıtları

An online platform for the peace activists, anti-militarists and conscientious objectors; an effective channel  especially for advocacy for the conscientious objection rights. Unique and very effective platform for peace campaigns, watchdogging of military operations.

Komunitas Toleransi Umat Beragama Indonesia KTUBI

The Facebook community Komunitas Toleransi Umat Beragama Indonesia (KTUBI) was founded to promote tolerance of and respect for Indonesia’s different religions. Though over 80 percent of the population is Muslim, Indonesia is home to people who believe in other religions, many of which are suppressed.