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مهار بیابان‌زایی

Mohammad Darvish’s Combating Desertification is by far the most active environment-oriented Persian blog. His blog is an extension of his other advocacy work regarding the necessity of maintaining the ecosystem in the face of development, including from tourism, dams, and other industrial uses of land, water and air.

Economía en dos tardes

Economía en dos tardes, or economy in two evenings, answers economic questions you always had but no one could ever answer. The two authors, Marta Soria and Rebeca Gimeno, are business students and journalists boil down complex issues of today’s economy so the rest of us can understand them.

Движение в защиту Хопра

“Save Khoper” is a campaign aiming to prevent the start of copper-nickel mining in Russia’s Voronezh region. Khoper is the name of a local river and national park. Because of its extraordinary fertile land Voronezh region is one of Russia’s key agricultural areas. Ecologists and the local population fear that copper-nickel mining could endanger – or at least diminish – agricultural production. Since Russia is one of the biggest corn exporters worldwide, it could have an impact on global food safety, activists say. The campaign was inspired by journalist and environmental activist Konstantin Rubahin. Local authorities and police try to intimidate Rubahin and his supporters with house-checks, interrogations and campaigns against him in local media and social networks.

Revenu de base

What if everyone was entitled to a basic minimum monthly income regardless of whether or not they had a job? A social platform advocates for just such basic income – an emerging new economic and social concept that is gaining attention worldwide. Revenu de Base organizes grassroots meeting across Europe, lobbies European institutions and encourages economists and scholars to consider solutions to the increasing job shortages and civic unrest with basic income in mind.


Infolady is a social project that offers a variety of ICT-based services as well as legal advice to women at their very doorstep in remote villages in Bangladesh. A typical Infolady is a trained young woman who uses a bicycle to travel about five to ten kilometers a day and is usually a member of the community that she serves. She acts as a human interface for the community to access the World Wide Web and other information portals. With the portable technology she carries – generally a netbook, digital camera and Internet-connected mobile phone –  she can get information and connect to experts and find solutions to agricultural, health and development questions raised by the community.

ASA – Articulação do Semiárido

Northeastern Brazil is suffering under the 72nd major draught in the last 500 years. The ASA, a network of about 1,000 civil society organizations, works to show that nature is not responsible for the difficulties the semi-arid region presents. Instead of a policy of “fighting the draught” that drives corruption, clientelism and rural depopulation, the ASA supports gender equality and familiarity with the semi-arid zone.


“Throw It Out the Window” documents the many food scandals that plague China. The site, which was started in 2012 by students in Shanghai, offers information on scandals going back to 2004. The website also has a geographic map of food safety situation in China.

عصام الزامل

A Saudi blogger’s view of the economy. Essam al Zamel’s posts are mainly analytical looks at the Saudi economy but he also evaluates other Arab nations from time to time.


Politiko is the first Ukrainian political social network that brings policymakers, experts, journalists, party leaders and voters of Ukraine together in the same community. The network meets all conditions for political and social activities online: communication in groups, blogging, discussion on the debate, expressing good ideas, ability to assess the activities of political parties and politicians. Everyone can register an own profile on this portal, which allows people to share opinions about the actions of politicians. The founders say this is a network for young leaders, a good platform for the development of political career. Politiko operates under the slogan “Unite Ukraine!”

Means of Exchange

An overview of emerging technologies and initiatives concerning economic self-sufficiency and local communities. Even though it’s easy to use, Means of Exchange is about more than growing your own vegetables.  It looks at the bigger picture of self-sufficiency while admitting that while most of us can lessen our dependence on the world economic system, few can completely avoid it.

Küreselleşmeden Sonra

Turkish economist and political scientist Engin Yıldızoğlu writes deep and original analysis about global and local economic politics.  Especially his regular writing about the last global economic crisis and his analysis of post-globalization era creates a solid reference point for readers looking for an informed and knowledgeable view of current economic events.


Walhi is Indonesia’s largest independent non-profit environmental protection group in Indonesia. It supports measures that increase sustainability, improve social justice and protect the environment. The organization’s goal is to create a political system that is fair and democratic while at the same time one that provides a right to make a living to all people as well as a healthy environment.

किसान डॉट कॉम

Imagine going online and finding Facebook for farmers. Kisan is an Internet community for farmers that provides information about markets, prices problems facing farmers. The service also connects buyers and sellers of farm products.


For seven years, a series of authors at the German weekly Die Zeit and its online counterpart have made the economy, finance and capitalism understandable to the regular reader. Even people who don’t keep up with news from the world of economics understand what’s going on thanks to Herdentrieb – German for “herd instinct.”