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सर्प संसार

A website full of information about snakes made for a country where superstitions about the reptiles abound. World of Snakes works to demystify snakes and do away with irrational beliefs by confronting them with hard, scientific facts. Facts like: no matter what impression Bollywood might try to make, humans cannot turn into snakes and snakes cannot turn into humans.


Jar (Persian for “shout”) is a Persian aggregator of newspapers based in Iran. The service collects content from the websites of over 70 newspapers. The service is particularly useful for Iranians inside and outside Iran who are looking for a Persian news aggregator.

Card to Post

When is the last time you got a postcard? A proper postcard in the mail – not digital version in your inbox or on your phone. The Card to Post campaign works to keep this (somewhat dated) form of communication from being forgotten. The site implores people to write postcards and even offers an online tool people can use to fill out a postcard the Post to Card sends.

Mi aportación, or “My Contribution,” is a voluntary project that works to finance the needs of people who could use a hand. The project provides all sorts of support, including financial help, material goods or people offering their time and skills. Mi Aportacion isn’t about making a small change to the entire world but using small things to make a big change in individuals’ lives. It’s an answer for the people who know they want to make a difference but aren’t sure how to do it.

Hand Talk

Hand Talk is an application that converts text and audio into Brazilian sign language in real time. The digital character Hugo signs messages to users. The project gives people with difficulty hearing another way to participate in society.


This is a new microblogging site designed only for Bangla community. This site mainly offers two services to users; First, live microblogging using Bangla language and second, a forum where anybody can ask any question in Bangla and others can reply as well. This kind of regional social media site is comparatively new in Bangla community, although countries like China, Russia had their own social media since long time.

Дурдом в Україні

With a healthy dose of irony and sarcasm, Дурдом в Україні for Ukrainian and foreign politicians in a psychiatric ward for treatment. Users publish jokes and video games as well as articles and vote for what they find most interesting on the site.

Me and My Shadow

Tactical Tech’s collective site helps Internet users visualize the traces of information they leave behind every time they go on the web. Me & My Shadow’s friendly graphics demystify often complex issues around online security and privacy.


Hexie Farm, or “Crab Farm,” is a series of political cartoons, depicting a “great, glorious and correct” era of “harmony” In Chinese pinyin, “hexie” is a pun of harmony and river crab. The site focuses on dictatorship, censorship, and propaganda. The cartoon story depicts daily lives of animals living on the Hexie Farm. This farm is ruled by its sole legitimate party – the Party Party and the protagonists are all Party members. While the Party Party promises “fairness, justice, rule of law, equality,” ridiculous, bloody and outrageous tragic-comedies occur on a daily basis.

قلب: لغة برمجة

A new programming language created by Ramsey Nasser explores the role of human culture in coding. This project makes it possible to write code entirely in Arabic so that more Arabs can learn easily programming. It highlights cultural biases of computer science while at the same time challenging the assumptions made about programming and the Arabic language.

Господин Хороший

Господин Хороший or “Mr. Good” is a successor to the project “Citizen and Poet,” a satirical videoblog about the 2011/12 Russian election campaigns. Contributors to Господин Хороший, including poets, satirists, and songwriters, provide their own satirical views on current events in Russia and the rest of the world. A powerful and creative media and cultural project, it conveys the atmosphere in Putin’s Russia in a precise and entertaining way.

Délit Maille

All the news that’s fit to knit. A French blogger comments on French news by knitting the news, and adding a lot of humor to the Délit Maille. Maille is French for “stich,” and yes, the pun is intended. in French, and pun is intended.

Afili Filintalar

A very popular collective blog by a “cultural gang” which has created an original sub-culture drive in Turkish popular culture. Young and charismatic writers, activists, journalists, columnists, movie directors, humorists, editors and publishers – with different political and ideological views – create a regular and original content stream about culture, politics, art and ethics. A real online sub cultural event.

binders full of burgers

Anna Lena Schiller and Sylke Gruhnwald made a name for themselves with their Tumblr “Binders full of Burgers.” The blog used hamburgers, fries, ketchup and mayo to illustrate the US elections in a highly entertaining way.