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Euromaydan is the biggest and most popular of Ukraine’s Facebook communities. With some 300,000 subscribers, it appeared as a volunteer initiative in the first days of revolution in Ukraine. Over time, it developed into the main informational resource of Euro-Maydan, helped mobilize people, posted recent news, and coordinated the needs of revolution.

মুক্তমনা ব্লগ

Mukto-Mona is a blogging platform for freethinkers of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent who are scattered across the globe. This blog makes a significant contribution to the humanist field and work against religious fundamentalism. Mukto-Mona actively supports bloggers who have faced persecution by the government and ensure the continued existence of a safe and uncensored platform for bloggers to express their opinions. This community platform also focuses on issues such as the rights of gays and lesbians (LGBT), which have been all too often considered a taboo in the Muslim majority society of Bangladesh.


Ilham Tohti is a Uighur professor at the Minzu University in Beijing. On January 15, 2014, police took him away. His family does not know where he is being held. The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on January 16 that Tohti was suspected of breaking the law. In the meantime, he has been accused of “inciting separatism.” The now 44-year-old professor founded the website Uighur Online in 2006. Despite being blocked many times, it has become an important window for the Han Chinese to get to know the real situation in Xinjiang. Tohti is seen among Chinese intellectuals and academics as a bridge building figure between the ethnic Uighur and Han people. He is against an independence of Xinjiang or any kind of violence. He is also respected by local people in Xinjiang. He could have played an indispensable role in the reconciliation between the ethnic groups.

Imagination for People

Imagination for People is a platform that presents innovative projects from around the world and provides a place for discussions about them. The focus is put on work that supports the common good and the site lets visitors track each project’s progress.

مصعب الشامي

Mosa’ab Elshamy is a freelance photoblogger covering current affairs as well as in-depth socio-economic and cultural photostories. He gained wide exposure for his coverage of the Egyptian revolution and the events that continue to follow it, as well as for coverage of the 2012 Gaza war.

Блог Ильи Варламова

Ilya Varlamov is one of the most popular bloggers in Russia. He mainly writes about travelling and social projects that he is engaged in. When the wave of protests started in neighboring Ukraine, Varlamov realized there was a lack of true information for average Russians. He visited Crimea and several Ukrainian cities to get personal impressions and then provided his audience with reports showing an alternative point of view.

Siberuzay Aylağının Günlüğü

Ahmet A. Sabancı is a blogger who specializes in issues of cyberculture. He has been explaining the technical aspects of web censorship and digital surveillance to the Turkish public. He provides substantive information about developments outside Turkey, including the NSA PRISM scandal, in order to inform the public back in Turkey. His detailed knowledge of his subjects helps him boil down complicated issues into terms that are readily understood by the wider public.


KontraS is an established institution in Indonesia that focuses its work in human rights issues in the country, especially cases of missing people and violence relating to human rights abuses. The site is considered one of the most in-your-face and bold when it comes to giving information about state-related human rights problems in Indonesia.

Sanjuana Martinez

An independent, investigative journalist from Mexico, Sanjuara Martinez exposes human rights abuses and corruption. Her decision to publish her work on a blog rather than in the mainstream media has guaranteed the independence of her voice.


Aleksander Knauerhase is autistic and writes about autism. His blog addresses perceptions of people with autism and how society sees them. He writes about stereotypes and simplifications people with autism face. After reading his blog, you get a new take on the world.

Coluna do Maurício Santoro

Maurício Santoro’s critical reporting of current events has made him one of the most well-regarded voices in Brazil. In his articles and tweets, Santoro explains and analyzes new developments in Brazilian society and does it at a time when the participation of intellectuals and the media is sorely lacking in public debates. Santoro is a political scientist, consultant for Amnesty International and professor at the University Cândido Mendes in Rio de Janeiro.

وبلاگ سلمان

Known to be the first Iranian blog, Salaman’s Blog started back in 2001. An item posted on September 7, 2001, on this blog initiated what was later known as the Blogestan, the Iranian/Persian blogosphere. Salman has maintained his blog ever since – watching as other blogs started, found fame, and have since been forgotten.

सीजीनेट स्वर

Citizen journalists send voice news reports via mobile which are then published on this portal. The service reaches people who do not have access to other sources of news in some of the most rural areas of India. Created by International Center for Journalists, CGNet Swara also circumvents the problem of the unavailability of radio waves, which are owned and licensed by the state, in India for private use.

The Intercept

The growing list of revelations about the US National Security Agency’s global surveillance system brought to light by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden are currently being reported and published by a team of journalists at The Intercept. In addition to the NSA scandal, the site, which was started in February by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, aims to be comprehensive news outlet and a home for adversarial journalism.