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The New Citizens’ Movement was started by the well-known Chinese rights activist Xu Zhiyong and the Open Constitution Initiative (Gongmeng in Chinese) in May 2012. Its goal is to encourage people to take their responsibility as citizens, push for constitutional reforms, and transform China into a civil society. They have carried out various activities including calling for government officials to declare their income to the public, pushing for equal rights to education, as well as gathering like-minded people in the same cities to the dinner table to share their experiences and ideas. The movement is decentralized. Although dozens of participants – including Xu Zhiyong himself – have been arrested, the movement still goes on. It has pushed the civil rights movement of China since 2003 into a new height.

Є люди…

A Facebook community created by former journalist Kristina Berdynskikh, this campaign is devoted to the ordinary people who arrived to support Euro-Maidan and to inspire the revolution in Ukraine. It features small stories about everyday heroes. Volunteers have translated it into 18 languages and created similar Facebook communities in their languages. In all, there are over 32,000 subscribers, including about 11,000 subscribing to the Ukrainian-language page.

تكنولوجيا مفتوحة

An initiative spreading open source software in Egypt, OpenIT believes the open source philosophy has economic, social and cultural impacts on society. The founder decided to tour Egypt on a bike to teach people in poor and rural areas.

গণজাগরণ মঞ্চ

Gonojagoron Moncho (National Awakening Stage) was originally a bloggers movement established during the Shahbagh protests to demand maximum punishment for the 1971 war criminals. But it has grown to protect minorities from political violence and seeks to establish a truly secular Bangladesh. In April 2013, the collapse of Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial building in Savar, Bangladesh, Gonojagoron Moncho supported victims by opening a field hospital near the collapsed building immediately after the disaster. Over 1,100 people were killed and some 2,515 injured people were rescued from the rubble. Members of the movement donated blood on site and helped a number of critically injured survive.

Um lar para Snowden

The Avaaz campaign “Send Snowden Home” began in November to show the public’s support for the Brazilian government to offer asylum to whistleblower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The petition was presented to the Brazilian Foreign Ministry in February 2014. More than 1.1 million people from nearly 200 countries have signed the petition calling Brazil “the perfect home for a man who sacrificed his life to disclose invasive and illegal US spying.”

Oy ve Ötesi

Oy ve Ötesi is a platform that calls for election volunteers to make for more transparent local elections in Turkey. Istanbul is the pilot city and the site’s organizers aim to find 33,000 volunteers. With one month to go before the elections, it was halfway toward reaching it goal. The project organizes workshops to train volunteers, created a database so that they could add up election results to compare with official records. The volunteers will stay at the voting locations to observe if the election process works smoothly. The project has triggered similar projects in other cities and a wide social media presence.

Aliansi Laki-laki Baru

This is the site for new kind of men: men who actively fight for gender equality. Indonesia, with its upsetting trend of growing conservatism, has been facing a backward proposition when it comes to gender inequality. Polygamy, domestic violence, and campaigns to put women back in the traditionally domestic only roles have been increasing. This site consolidates men in their support for gender equality. Aliansi Laki-laki Baru’s campaigns provide the public with paradigms of gender equality seen from the male side of society.

Visualizing Palestine

The infographics at Visualizing Palestine provide a window into the daily lives of Palestinians and Palestinian refugees. Visualizations rely on UN and NGO data to paint a picture of displacements, Middle East peace talks, employment and administrative detention. Launched in 2011 with a staff split mainly between Ramallah and Beirut, the site’s visuals have been published in several major media outlets and shared widely around the world by Internet users.

Mi Mundo

A photo-journalism blog, Mi Mundo documents human rights in Central America and the Andean Region. It is particularly focused on covering topics affecting marginalized communities.

Chaos Computer Club (CCC)

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is a registered association Germany, whose members call themselves hackers. The CCC says it is the largest such group in Europe. Members’ voluntary work focuses on technical developments and how they influence society. Founded in 1981, the CCC provides expert opinions, runs campaigns and events and operates anonymization services. In an era of systematic surveillance the CCC’s expertise is more needed than ever.

Нужна помощь is a charity fund and a media platform. It aims to develop an infrastructure of charity and social projects and seeks for “social heroes” among Russians. Set up by journalists, the project’s founders use their contacts and media skills to draw the public’s attention to the projects. Publicity helps individuals and organizations that launched an initiative to tackle a social problem, to find financial support and backers all over the country.

All Out

All Out is a non-profit organization that works to promote equality around the world – or as it says “to build a world where no person will have to sacrifice family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are or whom they love.” All Out regularly provides information on LGBT rights and abuses of these rights around the world.

मैने रिश्वत दी

The Hindi site for Maine Rishwat Di collects anonymous reports of instances of bribery and corruption in India. It is a well-run campaign that makes good use of social media.

کلاس پرنده

The Flying Classroom goes to schools in less privileged areas in Iran and provides joyful education for everyone. Activities include open theater for children and an introduction to use of the Internet and blogging for teachers. The team provides educational material tailored for the particular area they “fly” to. Additional activities include beautification of the school environment, through painting walls and setting up installation art.