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ওম্যান চাপ্টার

Women Chapter is an alternative media platform for the women of Bangladesh and a movement for change. It was initiated with the objective of promoting issues related to women, and to acknowledge, encourage and appreciate women’s work not only in Bangladesh but around the world. Women Chapter also has the goal of changing the stereotypical mindset about the role of women at home and at work by drawing attention to the gender issues which are still divisive issues in people’s personal and professional lives. On top of all that, they are gradually trying to develop a “support center” where mainly women journalists will be provided with the assistance they require.

Євромайдан СОС

Euromaidan SOS is a Facebook community created to provide people who suffered during the revolution in Ukraine with different kinds of aid, mostly legal. Euromaidan SOS volunteers – lawyers, journalists, and civic activists – collected information about victims, disappeared people, and worked to connect them to specialists who could provide help. The community has about 93,000 subscribers.

Rio $urreal

With the sun, the beach, the World Cup and Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is turning into one of the world’s most expensive cities. Locals have taken to the Facebook campaign Rio $urreal to protest against the unjustifiable increase in prices. In addition to venting about surreal prices, people can also find tips on places to go where price gouging does not occur. Since its inception, the campaign has spread to other parts of the country and made headlines around the country and world.


The so-called “Food Delivery Party” is a successful example for crowdsourcing activism. It started at the beginning of 2013 by Xu Zhirong (aka Rou Tangseng) as a way of providing financial support to the families of political prisoners. Here’s how to works: well-known bloggers and intellectuals list all kinds of goods and services, including readings and private meals, at Taobao, a Chinese auction site. The money that comes from the auction is then used to bring food to a political prisoner’s family. It’s one of the more creative citizen initiatives in China.

Vagus TV

This is an online news site was founded by a professional journalist, Serdar Akinan, who also demonstrates excellent examples of citizen journalism. During the Gezi Park protests, this website provided reliable news and videos from the field. The site was briefly banned because of its publications on the ongoing corruption case that involves several cabinet members in Turkey.

حكاية ما إنحكت

Syria Untold identifies itself as source of non-breaking news. Rather than reporting the unfolding events, they cover and study the cultural and political movements in Syria now and their effect on the society. They interview creative artists, political activists and working groups and alternative media outlets.

Regards citoyens

A grassroots French collective movement uses open data to make democratic institutions more visible and easily accessible.  It keeps an eye on institutions by measuring attendance at the French national parliament and takes an active part in the democratic process in many ways, including studying the influence of lobbyists on lawmaking.

खबर लहारिया

A rural weekly newspaper published in the Hindi heartland in six local languages. The team consists entirely of women journalists who write, edit, produce and distribute the newspaper. The newspaper has feminist line of thought and caters to neo-literate readership in these regions. It captures news from rural and semi-rural areas that often goes unreported in the mainstream media.

صداهای ایران

Iran Voices is an Ushahidi-based platform that allows its users to tag news on the map of Iran. “Iran Voices is created in order to collect and report news from different parts of Iran, especially from cities and rural areas which are less paid attention to in the mainstream media,” as states. The site uses a team of moderators to supplement the work done by the user-base by adding relevant news items to the map.

Mata Massa

This site was developed by the Independent Journalist Alliance (AJI) Jakarta & ICT Laboratory for Social Change in response to the 2014 general elections. The problems of transparency and accountability have long plagued Indonesian elections, especially in the Reformation era. This platform focuses on monitoring offenses and violations of general election rules and regulations as a way of improving parliament and public policy. It gives members of the public the opportunity to report election law infringements they witness and uses an extensive network of participants to follow up on the reports it gets. So far, before the campaign sessions begin, the site has processed more than 1,000 reports.

Jung & Naiv

Tilo Jung is young and wants to know why politics is the way it is. So he asks. And then politicians and experts give him answers.

Say It

The courts and the council meeting rooms of the world are, in theory, open to the public with a record of events freely available to anyone who requests it. But even in the places where this theory is reality, if the records are on paper – or PDFs, if they are digital at all – and difficult to read. Say It hopes to change that. The app uses open source technology to bring transcripts of courtroom trials, speeches and political debates to the web in a readable and searchable fashion.

Демократор is a website that gives Russians an opportunity to unite around socially important issues. Citizens can use the “Information system for public use” to create common appeals and address them to state or local authorities. The website keeps track of officials’ reactions to the petitions. The site also tackles corruption, human rights abuses and other crimes.

Del dicho al hecho

A clear and engaging way to monitor whether the words spoken by candidates match their actions when they take office.