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The people behind Babylon 13 call the project “a cinema of civic protest.” Their aim is to record and show the first decisive steps of the civil society in Ukraine. Babylon 13 is made by a group of activists who create documentaries about the Ukrainian revolution.


“Pipilika” is a web search engine operated by Sylhet in Bangladesh. It is the first search engine that gathers content from Bangladeshi websites. That means if users search for anything, the search engine will give priority to results from Bangladeshi websites and only then from other sources. It has the ability to search in both the Bengali and English languages. A team of students from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) developed the site with an aim of obtaining a similar degree of popularity to that of, China’s own search engine.

إنفو تايمز

Infotimes introduces itself as the first website in the Middle East that is specialized in data journalism. They publish infographics about topics different parts of the world.

विडिओ वोलुन्टेयेर्

Video volunteers publishes video reports from some of the most marginalized and undeveloped areas in India via its India Unheard and other programs. The project brings together numerous news stories from these areas that go unreported in the mainstream media.

Kem Gözlere Şiş

“Kem Gözlere Şiş” is a Turkish phrase to protect against possible damage from evil eyes. This collaborative project offers online tools for secure and sometimes anonymous communication for ordinary citizens. It uses simple language so potential users do not need any technical expertise to get started using the tools presented. The site’s creators intend to develop it continuously with the addition of new tools and to form a community that is conscious of web security issues.


Find Twitter’s 140 characters a bit long-winded? This Weibo uses just several Chinese characters, and sometimes only one, to talk about the most discussed news on the Internet that day. As Chinese characters are often made up of different parts and each part can have a different meaning, this Weibo uses the characters – sometimes by changing them in a relevant way – to convey ideas behind the news. The account started at the beginning of 2013 and was read 419,773,875 last year.

Del dicho al hecho

A clear and engaging way to monitor whether the words spoken by candidates match their actions when they take office.

Gue Tau

Gue Tau, or I Know, focuses on young people and sexual health. It’s a topic that is in demand as Indonesia faces an era of demographic growth. In 2030, it will have a large number of productive citizens. Because of this potential, it is imperative to support today’s youth in dealing with their personal development. This site comes up with creative and interactive campaigns about sexual health, date violence, early marriages, drugs abuse, and many issues that concern the young.

Cartazes dos protestos

What started as a protest against an increase in bus ticket prices in Sao Paulo spread across all of Brazil in 2013. A wave of protest flooded the country and the Tumblr Cartazes dos Protestos (Signs from Protests) gave demonstrators the opportunity to make their demands public. The Tumblr eventually developed in to a barometer of the protests’ severity.

Энциклопедия трат – цена Олимпиады

An analytical report from the Anti-Corruption Foundation chaired by the main Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny on the Olympic’s costs is presented as an interactive map. It compares the expenses of the Olympics in Russia with those in other countries and provides information about contractors and sources of construction financing. Experts and researchers relied on open sources of information and expenditure reports made by the state and companies. It also reveals information about all main characters of the Olympic Construction – from state officials to businessmen.


Nafir is a well-known graffiti artist in Iran. His topics of interest are human rights, children, media, and the paradoxes of modern life. He utilizes his Facebook page to showcase his work. He has recently set up ad-hoc exhibitions in streets of Tehran. He advertises these exhibitions and provides after-the-fact commentary on his Facebook page.

Delit Maille – tricote tes news

Délit Maille literally knits together the news from around the world. All the main actors in international and French politics have already been turned into wool dolls, and now there is a new ambitious project underway: knitting World War I — or as the blogger calls it “Wool War One.” The project relies on the knitting community to participate and help put together the countless figures the project needs.

Grumpy Merkel

Of course it’s not actually German Chancellor Angela Merkel tweeting here – she tends to be more reserved when it comes to the Internet. But if she were to shape her views into 140-character missives, they’d likely cover a bit more than the entertaining satire @GrumpyMerkel publishes for her.

Thug Notes

“Classic literature. Original gangster.” Thug Notes’ weekly videos from Sparky Sweets, Ph.D., deliver a hip-hop summary that gets to the essential topics in classic works of literature. An analysis of each of the books in the highly entertaining videos shows how street sensibility makes high-brow ideas accessible to everyone.